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GSE Standards, Dispositions, and Conceptual Framework


The GSE community worked together to establish the following list of professional dispositions that we expect all community members to demonstrate.


  • Respect cultural diversity and individual differences as strengths.
  • Hold the belief that all individuals can learn, regardless of exceptionalities, background, or circumstance.
  • Commit to the education of individuals in complex urban and richly diverse communities.


  • Commit to integrating theory, research and evidence in guiding practice.
  • Believe in lifelong learning and professional education as integral to continuing development of expertise.


  • Value a community's nuances and its cultural mores.
  • Commit to communication, through a variety of venues, with all members of school/educational community.


  • Value reflection in scholarly learning and professional practice.
  • Commit to improving practice through personal and collaborative reflection.


  • Value the variety of technological resources for enhancing an individual's learning.
  • View growth in technological expertise as integral to professional practice.

Social Justice

  • Commit to dismantling all forms of inequity/injustice, including discriminatory practices and everyday microaggressions, which violate the dignity and oppress the freedoms of people locally, nationally and globally.
  • Believe in the Ignatian mission of "cura personalis" - deep respect for the individual and his/her potential.


  • Commit to professional standards of integrity, ethics, and responsibility.
  • Value professionalism in dress, language, and behavior.

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