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Administration and Supervision

Church and Non-Public Educational Leadership

Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Fordham President Reverend Joseph McShane, SJ, Dr. Gerald Cattaro

Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Fordham President Reverend Joseph McShane, SJ, Dr. Gerald Cattaro

Degree: Master of Science in Education (MSE)
Start Semester: All

Campus: Lincoln Center, Westchester, online and off-site

The program focuses on the legacy of inherited excellence, present innovations and the future vitality and sustainability of Catholic and non-public schools.

We offer two paths to study and explore educational leadership in the context of mission-integrity and all that it implies.

  • The first path, School Building Leadership, leads to eligibility for New York State School Building Leader (SBL) Certification. This certification is appropriate for such positions as assistant principal, coordinator, department chair, president, principal, supervisor, and unit head.
  • The second path, Administration and Supervision, is for candidates who wish to develop their knowledge and skills for a leadership role in education at a particular site, either in the United States or internationally, but who are not seeking New York State School Building Leader (SBL) Certification.

The master's program follows a cohort model and is organized with a focus on adult learning theory, utilizing action research, group projects, critical reflection, clinical application, problem-based simulations, policy analysis and two semesters of internships.

Faith-Based Scholarships are Available 

Fieldwork can be done in your place of employment. 

Application Deadlines

Rolling Admissions

Program Prerequisites

Applicants following the first path (seeking School Building Leader certification) must have a bachelor's degree and least three years of teaching experience.

Browse the Admissions section for more about the application and financial aid processes.

International Study

The Center offers summer institutes on emerging issues with other universities and educational institutions around the world, providing distinctive opportunities for learning and collaboration.

Program Curriculum

Browse course schedules and descriptions.

Courses are selected from among the following: 

  • Fundamentals of Educational Administration and Management (ASGE5112)
  • Fundamentals of Educational Supervision (ASGE5119)
  • Comprehensive Assessment Exam (ASGE0701)
  • Critical Issues in Catholic and Nonpublic Education (ASGE6461)
  • Ethics of School Administration (ASGE6338)
  • Instructional Leadership (ASGE6130)
  • Internship I and II (ASGE6520/21)
  • Leading in a Diverse Society (ASGE6145)
  • Perspectives on Leadership (ASGE6541)
  • Program Evaluation and Research (ASGE6720)
  • School Finance (ASGE6322)
  • School Law (ASGE6325)
  • Strategic Planning and Change (ASGE6361) 


GSE Admissions
Phone: 212-636-6400

Program Faculty: Cristiana Ritchie-Carter, PhD, Phone: 212-636-6420; Email: