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School Counseling (MSEd)

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Degree: MSEd
Credits: 60
Career Path: Prepares graduates for work in a variety of school settings, including public, parochial and private elementary, middle, and high schools.

Since Fordham's school counseling MSEd program is 60 credits, graduates have completed all the necessary graduate coursework for permanent certification as school counselors in the State of New York.

Start Semester: Summer, Fall, and Spring
Campus: Lincoln Center
Full-time/Part-time: All

The degree is designed to rigorously prepare graduates for work in a variety of school settings, including public, parochial and private elementary, middle, and high schools.

The program emphasizes knowledge basic to all school counseling settings, including competence in individual, group, and career counseling, program development and evaluation and assessment.

Sensitivity to gender and cultural differences and similarities is fostered, ethical decision making skills are developed and social justice is a priority.

Our ideal student is committed to facilitating the healthy academic, social and emotional development of all young persons.

He/she enjoys the collaborative nature of working in a school environment and is comfortable working with culturally diverse groups of students, parents, administrators, and teachers.

Furthermore, he/she is dedicated to advocating for all students and is especially sensitive to issues of justice and equity.

The 60-credit School Counseling program is accredited by the Master's in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC) for the period 2015 through 2020.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall: June 30
  • Spring: November 15
  • Summer (both sessions): April 15

Read more about the admissions process.

Program Curriculum

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Foundations of Counseling

  • Introduction to Counseling I (PSGE5620)
  • Introduction to Counseling II (PSGE5630)
  • Pre-Practicum in Counseling I (PSGE5622)
  • Pre-Practicum in Counseling II (PSGE5632)

Understanding the Individual

  • Assessment in Counseling (PSGE6607)
  • Developmental Disorder/Mental Retardation (PSGE6417)
  • General Psychopathology (PSGE6645)
  • Human Development (PSGE6602)
  • Theories of Family Counseling and Assessment (PSGE5625)

Working with Groups

  • Career Development and Counseling
  • Career Counseling (PSGE6640)
  • Group Counseling (PSGE6630)
  • Practicum in Career Counseling (PSGE6641)
  • Practicum in Groups (PSGE6632)

The Counselor: Role and Function

  • College Counseling and Post High School Planning (PSGE5627)
  • Ethical and Professional Issues in Counseling (PSGE6650)
  • Field Experience I in School Counseling (PSGE6652)
  • Field Experience II in School Counseling (PSGE6654)

Professional Issues

  • Counseling Program Development and Evaluation (PSGE6605)
  • Multicultural Counseling (PSGE6656)
  • Research Methods in Counseling (PSGE5204)

Comprehensive Exam

Field Experiences

  • Field Experience (Internship) I in School Counseling - minimum of 240 hours (PSGE6652)
  • Field Experience (Internship) II in School Counseling - minimum of 240 hours (PSGE6654)

Child Abuse Workshop and School Violence Prevention Workshops

Fordham is student-centered and thus, classes are purposefully small to increase student-professor contact and student-student collaboration.

The program is practitioner-scholar focused so while students learn cutting edge research and the newest theories in the counseling field, they are also developing the clinical skills to apply these theories in their practice as school counselors.

Fordham cares about the whole student--Faculty advisors meet regularly with their advisees to ensure that they are meeting their academic requirements and their professional goals.


480 Hours of On-Site Supervised Field Experience



Program Contact
Dr. Jennie Park-Taylor