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Tuition and Financial Assistance

Sources of graduate financial aid include institutional or school-based aid (i.e. funding from the Fordham Graduate School of Education), federal and state aid, and external funding (i.e. outside scholarships and private loans).

This section of the site contains information on financial aid specific to the Fordham Graduate School of Education. Information on federal and state financial aid as well as other types of aid can be accessed from the University’s Financial Aid website.


Types of Financial Aid


To be eligible for federal financial aid, a Fordham Graduate School of Education student must:

  • Maintain a grade point average of
    • 3.00 for ADV, MS, MSE, MST degrees
    • 3.50 for EdD, PhD degrees
  • Attempt and complete no fewer than 6 credit hours per term*
  • Complete the course of study within
    • 5 years for ADV, MS, MSE, MST degrees
    • 8 years for EdD and PhD degrees

Students who fail to attain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) at the end of each academic year will lose federal financial aid eligibility.

If the student resumes satisfactory academic progress, the student shall regain federal financial aid eligibility as long as she/he maintains satisfactory academic progress.

Learn more about the Federal Loan Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

*The Matriculated Student Status Certification form must be completed by a student who may be registered for fewer credits to qualify for ½, ¾, or full-time certification for purposes of Veteran’s Benefits, and federal financial aid eligibility.


Financial Services

113 West 60th Street
Room 214

Contact Financial Services for information about

  • financing your Fordham education
  • access to the my.Fordham portal
  • financial aid codes
  • the FAFSA

Student Accounts

113 West 60th Street
Room 214

Contact Student Accounts for information about

  • tuition rates and fees
  • methods of payment
  • TMS Education monthly payment plan
  • tuition reimbursement/tuition remission
  • refund policies and procedures
  • understanding your bill

Anisa Sanchez

Director of Financial Aid and Budgets

Contact Anisa Sanchez for information about

  • Graduate Assistantships
  • GSE Scholarships