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Coaching Programs

Fordham University’s Mathematics and Literacy Coaching Program draws from over 170 years of experience in education, using scientifically based and time-tested methodologies to provide a wide spectrum of coaching and support services.

Our expert coaches use the practice/reflection model of coaching support, providing multiple opportunities for teachers to engage in a dynamic dialogue.

Structured in three phases (pre-planning, observation, and debriefing/feedback), learning opportunities are maximized by developing critical reflection which leads to growth in content knowledge and skills. Our work draws deeply from the Common Core State Standards and successful professional evaluation models, including Danielson's Domains and Levels of Competency.

Not every teacher has the opportunity to go to Fordham, but all teachers can have Fordham come to them.

The main goal of our program is simple: make high quality and affordable professional development accessible to teachers by bringing it directly to their classrooms.

Fordham Coaching demonstrates proven results, improving the skills of everybody in the classroom—both the teacher and the students they serve. Fordham University’s Center for Educational Partnerships serves the Metropolitan NY area including NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and nearby counties.