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NYS/NYC Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network

Dear Educators,

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year. The NYC RBERN will continue to provide support to schools and offer professional development activities using a remote platform during the fall term, 2021. We are available at, or you may contact our resource specialists directly via email regarding questions you may have related to your programs and students, professional development opportunities, and NYSED initiatives. Our office can be reached by phone at the following number: 718-817-0606.

In addition, please check our website for updated information on upcoming events. PowerPoints, assorted videos of our previous professional development activities, newsletters, and briefs are available for you on the website.

We wish you a safe, healthful, and productive school year.

Best regards,
Diane Howitt
Executive Director

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Estimados Educadores:

Bienvenidos al nuevo curso académico 2021-22. El NYS/NYC RBERN continuará ofreciéndole apoyo a las escuelas, y le proporcionara actividades de desarrollo profesional utilizando una plataforma remota durante el trimestre del otoño del 2021.

Podrán ponerse en contacto con nosotros usando, o comunicarse con nuestros especialistas directamente utilizando el correo electrónico. Cualquier pregunta sobre los programas y los estudiantes, o las iniciativas del NYSED, las oportunidades para su desarrollo profesional, podran comunicarse con nosotros a travez del teléfono 718-817-0606.

Podrán además, consultar nuestro sitio web para los próximos eventos, PowerPoint, videos de nuestras actividades de desarrollo profesional, boletines informativos y resúmenes que están disponibles para ustedes en el sitio web.

Le deseamos un año escolar seguro, saludable y productivo.

Diane Howitt
Executive Director

COVID-19 Resources

Our mission is to assist school communities in reflecting on teacher practice and school programs and structures to ensure that NYC ELLs attain the highest level of academic success and language proficiency.

Examining English Learners' Dropout Rates

Diane Rodriguez recently had an article published in the International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism. The article's title is "Factors that Challenge English Learners and Increase their Dropout Rates: Recommendations from the Field".

Learn More About Diane's Publication

Professional Development

At this time, due to the COVID-19 virus,  we will be offering virtual professional development to assure continuity of learning in the areas of:

  • literacy instruction/ Next Generation Learning Standards
  • K- 12 programs
  • English as a New Language and Spanish literacy instructional programs
  • content area instruction/ Next Generation Learning Standards
  • accountability and school improvement/ESSA
  • compliance: program models and organization
  • special education

In addition, we collaborate with education and advocacy organizations serving New York City teachers, administrators, students and families, counselors, social workers and psychologists working with ELLs/MLLs. Our professional development activities provide institutes and seminars that are augmented by on-site school support and guided by our constituents across the city.

Read about our recent work at the 4th Annual UFT ExcELLing Conference for ELLs (English Language Learners) and MLLs (Multilingual Learners) to support educators with the most current strategies for teaching these students.

 We invite schools to participate in our Collaborative Accountability Initiative, a partnership that focuses on data analysis with the goals of planning and developing quality, and equitable programs for ELLs/MLLs, and offers professional development opportunities for teachers. 

Hands-on Involvement in Schools

Fordham GSE and The Center for Educational Partnerships are committed to hands-on involvement in schools and to maintaining the unique character of our local communities.

Toward that end we have offices in the Bronx and Manhattan, which bring our expertise close to our school partners. Each office provides meeting space and offers specialized resources.

During this unprecedented time, our entire RBERN team remains available to support you and your ELLs over the phone, through Google classroom, email, Zoom and via teleconferencing. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with urgent questions regarding virtual instruction, or long-term planning for services for your ELLs to ensure the continuity of all their learning.

Translation Services

African Language Consultants - African Language Consultants is a BBB accredited, multilingual services provider with access to linguists of both commonly spoken and rare African languages and dialects.

Translation Services - Individuals - List of individuals providing a full range of multilingual language services.

Translation Services - Organizations - List of organizations and companies providing a full range of multilingual language services.