Professional Development

Previous Workshops/Events

Self-Care for Clinicians
Dr. Zsuzsa Kiraly

Cross-Battery Assessment/X-BASS Software System
Dr. Vincent Alfonso, PhD

 Understanding and Enhancing Executive Function Skills

  • March 1, 2018, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Fordham University, Lincoln Center, McMahon Room 109
  • Presenter: Dr. Zsuzsa Kiraly

New York State Mandated Workshops

  • Child Abuse Identification and Reporting (EDGE 0210 L03 CRN 34048)
  • Schools Against Violence Education (EDGE 0230 L03 CRN 35050 )
  • Child Abuse Identification and Reporting (EDGE 0210 L02 CRN 35047)
  • Schools Against Violence Education (EDGE 0230 L02 CRN 35049)
  • Child Abuse Identification and Reporting (CRN 31039 EDGE 0210 L02)
  • Schools Against Violence Education (CRN 31041 EDGE 0230 L02)
  • Child Abuse Identification and Reporting (CRN 31038 EDGE 0210 L01)
  • Schools Against Violence Education (CRN 31040 EDGE 0230 L01)

Writing Workshops: Principles of Writing at the Graduate Level

Dr. Fran Blumberg, PhD

  • Session I: Clarity of Expression
  • Session II: Monitoring Flow of Logic
    • November 9, 2017, 12-1:15 p.m.
  • Session III: Developing Templates
    • November 16, 2017, 12-1:15 p.m.

Yoga 4 Classrooms

Yoga 4 Classrooms is a full day workshop open to all classroom teachers, administrators, school counselors, school psychologists, physical education teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals and others seeking to bring simple yoga and mindfulness techniques into the classroom or similar setting to enhance learning and educational well-being. This workshop will be led by Zsuzsa Kiraly, PhD

  • 6 hr. Interactive Workshop
  • Program Manual and Note Taking Guide Downloads
  • 6 CDP credits through New York Association of School Psychologists (NYASP)

"Yoga 4 Classrooms is the missing link our schools need to bring all types of learner together, present, grounded and ready to learn!" - J, G., Educator

Betty Finn Assessment Annual Conferences

Assessment of Executive Functions for Academic Interventions

  • Jack Naglieri, PhD, Making Connections between Executive Function, Intelligence, and Instruction
  • Dean Delis, PhD, Assessment of Executive Functions in School Aged Children
  • Peg Dawson, PhD, The Assessment of Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents

Assessment of and Interventions for Writing Difficulties: Integrating CHC and Neuropsychological Perspectives

  • Virginia W. Berninger, PhD, Assessment-Instruction Links within Interdisciplinary Frameworks
  • Scott L. Decker, PhD, Writing Assessment and Intervention: A Neuro-Cognitive Perspective
  • Dawn P. Flanagan, PhD, Cross-Battery Assessment of and Interventions for Written Language Disorder Subtypes

Differential Diagnosis of and Interventions for Learning Difficulties

  • George McCloskey, PhD, The Role of Executive Functions in Academic Production
  • Michele Mazzocco, PhD, Identifying Building Blocks and Stumbling Blocks to Mathematical Learning and Performance
  • Steven Feifer, D. Ed., NSCP, ABSNP, Integrating RTI with Cognitive Neuropsychology: A Scientific Approach to Reading

The Role of Contemporary Cognitive Assessment In Intervention Planning

  • Alan Kaufman, PhD, RTI, Revisionist History, and the War Against IQ Tests
  • Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, Ed D, NCSP, The Link Between Neuropsychologically-Based Cognitive Assessment and Interventions
  • Barbara J. Wendling, MA, Linking CHC Abilities to Academic Interventions

The Role of School Neuropsychological Assessment in SLD Identification

  • Daniel C. Miller, PhD, ABPP, The Value of Assessing Neuropsychological Constructs In An Era of RTI
  • James B. Hale, PhD, Bridging Neuroscience, School Psychology, and Education: The Emergence of School Neuropsychology
  • Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, Ed. D., NCSP, Moving Beyond the Discrepancy Model: How America Will Define
  • Disability, Use RTI Data, and Learn From Neuroscience To Determine SLD

Research and Practice of Assessment and Intervention in an RTI Paradigm

  • Randy W. Kamphaus, PhD, Early Identification of Behavioral and Emotional Risk for Early Intervention
  • Dawn P. Flanagan, PhD, Comprehensive Evaluation (With and Without Cognitive Assessment) for Tier II Nonresponders: Important Considerations for SLD Identification
  • George McCloskey, PhD, LD Identification in the Context of Three-Tier Service Models and RTI

Special Topic Workshop

A Brief Introduction to Drama Therapy
Jason Frydman, MA, RDT, LCAT (p) 

Use of the Process Assessment of the Learner (PAL-II) in the Evaluation of Reading and Writing
Nicole Tomlinson 

In-Service Program on the Assessment of Executive Functions
Dr. Zsuzsanna Kiraly, PhD 

The Zen of Executive Functioning
Dr. Zsuzsanna Kiraly, PhD 

Part II: Executive Functions- Classroom Implications/Interventions
Dr. Zsuzsanna Kiraly, PhD 

Part I: Assessment of Executive Functions
Dr. Zsuzsanna Kiraly, PhD 

Therapeutic Intervention Workshop Series:

  • Part I: Fundamental Components of Therapeutic Interventions in the School Setting
    Dr. Zsuzsanna Kiraly, PhD and Dr. Mariana Rotenberg, PhD
  • Part II: An Overview of Therapeutic Techniques
    Dr. Carolyn McGuffog, PhD and Dr. Zsuzsanna Kiraly, PhD

Clinical Assessment of Learning Problems/Disabilities
Dr. Zsuzsanna Kiraly, PhD 

Intervention Planning: The S.M.A.R.T. Approach, Part III
Dr. Jennifer Mascolo, PsyD, NCSP

Introduction to Cross-Battery Assessment and its Role in SLD Identification
Dr. Dawn Flanagan, PhD 

Writing Workshop: Principles of Writing at the Graduate Level
Marilyn Meltzer, MA

  • Session I: Identifying Principles of Clear Writing: Assess Writing for Clarity
  • Session II: Practical Tips on Organization: Getting Started and Meeting Deadlines!
  • Session III: Revising and Editing: The Ultimate Use of the Rubric

Intervention Planning: The S.M.A.R.T. Approach, Part II
Dr. Jennifer Mascolo, PsyD, NCSP 

Case Study Group
Dr. Zsuzsanna Kiraly, PhD and Dr. Vincent Alfonso, PhD 

Operational Definition of Specific Learning Disability: A Guide for Comprehensive Psycho-educational Assessments and Tailored Interventions
Dr. Dawn Flanagan, PhD 

Organizing Your Child for Success in School
Marilyn Meltzer, MA 

Learning to Learn: Facilitating Academic Self-Regulation Among Adolescents
Dr. Akane Zusho, PhD 

Intervention Planning: The S.M.A.R.T. Approach, Part I
Dr. Jennifer Mascolo, PsyD, NCSP 

A Family Affair: Clinical Interventions with Children and Their Families
Dr. Vincent Alfonso, PhD

Data-Based Decision-Making Using Assessment to Inform Interventions
Dr. Jennifer Mascolo, PsyD, NCSP

The Treatment of Complex Trauma: Psychotherapy and The Brain-Mind-Body Connection
Dr. Amelio D'Onofrio, PhD 

Academic Interventions: Reading
Cathy Cattell, LCSW 

Socio-Emotional Factors in Neuropsychological Assessment
Dr. Carolyn McGuffog, PhD 

Multicultural Issues in Narrative Thematic Apperception Techniques with Children and Adolescents
Dr. Giselle Esquivel, PsyD, ABPP and Dr. Zsuzsanna Kiraly, PhD 

Essentials of Cross-Battery Assessment
Dr. Vincent Alfonso, PhD 

Amplifying Hope and Resilience in Psychotherapy
Dr. David Drassner, PhD 

A Cultural Assessment Framework and Interview Protocol for Counseling and Psychotherapy
Dr. Ingrid Grieger, PhD 

Academic Intervention Techniques-What to Recommend?
Nicole Kushner, Interventions Program Coordinator, The Centers 

Psychoeducational Assessment-Interpretation and Feedback
Dr. Carolyn McGuffog, PhD 

Crisis Intervention with Children, Adolescents, and Adults
Dr. Michael Dealy, PhD 

Complex Trauma of Childhood and Adult Psychopathology
Dr. Amelio D'Onofrio, PhD 

The Rorschach in the Schools
Dr. Michael Dealy, PhD 

Essentials of Cross-Battery Assessment
Dr. Vincent Alfonso, PhD