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NSF Robert Noyce Mathematics Teacher Preparation Scholarship Program

Educating tomorrow's leaders in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology

Undergraduates and professionals with degrees related to mathematics, science, engineering, and/or technology are prepared to become mathematics teachers in high needs middle schools or high schools through the Fordham University NSF Robert Noyce Mathematics Teacher Scholarship Program.

The program combines program coursework and field-based teaching experiences along with collaborative lesson planning through a partnership with Fordham Graduate School of Education, Fordham Mathematics Department, and New York City public schools, including schools within the Fordham Partnership Support Organization.

What are the benefits of becoming a Noyce Teacher Scholar?

Scholarship recipients receive:

  • a $50,000 tuition scholarship;
  • a Master of Science in Teaching (MST) degree with a focus on adolescent mathematics education;
  • New York State initial certification to teach grades 7-12 mathematics (upon successful completion of the program and the passing of all required NYS exams);
  • a specialized summer teaching program;
  • observation and participation in three Lesson Studies; and
  • two years of mentoring and support with established educators.

Who Should Apply?

Scholarship applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • U.S. citizens or nationals, or permanent residents
  • mathematics coursework in a STEM-related major
  • 3.0 minimum GPA

How Do I Apply?

The online application is available; when prompted for a program of study, choose the MST in Adolescence Mathematics 7-12.

Prospective applicants will need to prepare materials for a general Fordham GSE application plus an additional reflective essay based on an observation of a mathematics class in high need school (Note: We can assist in connecting applicants with observation opportunities) and a financial aid form (FAFSA). The general Fordham application requires:

  • Official transcripts* of all coursework (including non-matriculated, study abroad coursework);
  • resume;
  • a personal statement indicating a strong desire to teach in areas of high need;
  • two recommendation letters; and
  • $70 application fee

* Transcripts of coursework taken in non US countries must be evaluated by WES World Education Services,, and converted to a US scale for credit hours, grades and GPA.

We accept applications on a rolling basis.

Applicants showing promise will be invited to interview with the Noyce Mathematics Scholarship Admissions Advisory committee.

If you are interested please contact Dr. Phil Dituri or the Office of Admissions using the contact information below.

What Are The Obligations of The Noyce Teacher Scholarship Recipients?

Scholars must:

  • participate in the Summer Internship during their program;
  • commit to four years of teaching mathematics in a high need middle school or high school;
  • participate as observers in two post-graduation Lesson Studies; and
  • participate in post-graduation new teacher support programs and evaluations.

What is a Lesson Study?

Lesson Study is a teacher development process originating in Japan where teachers systematically examine their practice to become more effective teachers.

A Lesson Study involves two major phases:

  • Phase One consists of collaborative planning and research among a group of 4-5 teachers over a 5-7 week period. They work on identifying pedagogical and content goals for their students, as well as detailed lesson planning to meet particular objectives and goals.
  • During Phase Two, the lesson is taught while being observed. The observed lesson is then debriefed, revised, taught a second time, and again debriefed to consider effects of revision on the lesson.

Lesson Study instills the practice of working collaboratively and reflecting on lessons to improve practice. Read more on Lesson Studies.

Program Contacts

GSE Admissions

Dr. Phil Dituri
Program Coordinator