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Next Steps

Welcome to the Fordham Law Family! We are delighted you have chosen to join us and look forward to seeing you here soon. Please carefully read through each item below for information on important steps you will need to take prior to the start of the semester. In addition to submitting your seat deposit and contacting our Office of International Services to work on your student visa, be sure to review the links to LawNet as these contain time-sensitive information related to registration and a checklist of steps you will need to take prior to orientation.

1. Pay the Deposit to Reserve Your Place in the Graduate Program

Admitted applicants are required to pay a $500 deposit to reserve a place in our graduate program. You may pay the deposit by credit card, check or money order, as described below. The deposit is not refundable, but will be applied toward your tuition bill in your first semester. (Note: Bank transfers are not accepted for payment of the deposit.)

LL.M. students who are participating in an Visiting Student Program or a Double Degree Program with one of our partner institutions do not need to pay the deposit.

Credit Card

To pay the deposit by credit card, you will need to log in to our student portal, LawNet. Check your email for your unique Fordham ID Number (FIDN). A separate email with instructions for claiming your Access IT ID will also be sent to you. After you have claimed your account, pay your deposit here.

Check or Money Order

If you choose to pay the $500.00 deposit by check or money order, please make payment to "Fordham Law School"

Please mail the check or money order to:

Fordham University School of Law
Graduate and International Programs - Suite 8-131
150 West 62nd Street
New York , NY 10023

2. Submit Student Visa Documentation

If you are not a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States and need a visa to study at Fordham Law, contact the Office for International Services (OIS). You will need to submit the Application For Certificate of Eligibility (AFCOE) to OIS. OIS will begin working with fall semester incoming students in April and with spring semester incoming students in October. Fall semester incoming students should submit their documentation to OIS no later than June 1. Spring semester incoming students should submit their documentation to OIS no later than November 1. OIS will respond in the order emails are received, generally within two weeks. Response times may be slower as the semester approaches due to a backlog of late student requests. Submitting your AFCOE form late may delay your student visa and could cause you to miss the start of orientation. It may then be necessary to defer your admission to the following semester. The AFCOE form is available here for download: AFCOE

If you are interested in becoming eligible for OPT after the LL.M. degree, know that you must maintain F1 student visa status for two consecutive semesters. All questions related to the student visa process and OPT should be directed to OIS. 

Email the following to OIS,

  • completed AFCOE
  • passport bio page
  • financial support documents

Office for International Services

OIS may send your offiical I-20 to you using your Fordham email address. They will not email this to your personal email address. To access your Fordham email, claim your Access IT ID and login to Go to "My Apps" and click on the Gmail icon.

3. Access LawNet for Important, Time-sensitive Information

Starting in April, for the fall semester, and mid-October, for the spring semester, we will create a student account for those who have reserved their seats in our incoming class and send you emails containing 1. your Fordham ID (FIDN), 2. instructions for claiming your Access IT ID to log into Fordham portals, and 3. instructions to access LawNet. If you do not receive this, email

Incoming students should immediately access and carefully review the information in LawNet once available as it contains detailed instructions about registering for classes and a checklist of items you will need to complete prior to the start of orientation.

LLM Admissions

Fordham University School of Law
International and Non-JD Programs
150 West 62nd Street, Suite 8-131, New York, NY 10023 USA

Tel: 212-636-6883

Fax: 212-636-6922