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Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

2018-2019 Academic Year

Tuition: $1,486 per credit

General Fee (per term) $193
Application Fee (Electronic) $70
Technology Fee (per term) $240
Course Auditing* $1,471 per credit
Late Payment Fee (monthly) $15 or 1.5% on outstanding balance, whichever is greater
Health Insurance** Fall term: $1,103
Spring term (includes summer): $1,970
International Service Fee (per term) $60
Non-Credit Language Course $1,471

*Holders of doctoral degree exempt.
**Mandatory for students taking 6 credits or more.

Stand Alone Masters

 Stand Alone Masters Tuition Rate
MA in Election Campaign Management
MA in Ethics and Society
MA in Urban Studies
$1,449 per credit

Professional Master's Programs

Tuition Rates for Professional Master's Programs
MS in Computer Science
MS in Data Analytics
MS in Cubersecurity
$1,261 per credit

MS Health Administration

MS Health Administration (Fall and Spring)      $26,550 per year



Playwriting Tuition Rates
Entrants Prior to Fall 2018 $40,400 per year
Entrants Since Fall 2018 $40,800 per year


Doctoral/Master's Comprehensive Fee

Doctoral/Master's Comprehensive Fee
Doctoral/Master's Comprehensive $1,471

Lab Fees

Lab Fees
Computer $75

Dissertation Fees

Dissertation Fees
Dissertation Direction $1,471 per credit
Dissertation Mentoring $4,413
Copyright of Dissertation (optional) $55

Matriculated Student Fees

Matriculated Student Fees
Late Registration Fee $100
Maintenance of Matriculation $736

Proposal Fees

Proposal Fees
Proposal Development $1,471
Proposal Acceptance $4,413

Requirement Prepration Fees

Requirement Preparation Fees
Requirement Prep $1,471
Requirement Prep (Summer) $736