Research Support Grants

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The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is pleased to support the research efforts of students with the following grants:

There are two types of research support grants:

Fall Deadline: October 7, 2016
Spring Deadline: March 1, 2017

Travel Grants
For masters or doctoral students who have completed 24 credits by the time the grant begins. Grants cover up to $1000 (per travel site) of expenses incurred in travel to present papers at national and international conferences and in travel to research sites. There is no cap on the number of applications that can be made throughout one's graduate career. In the past the following types of projects were funded: (awards are not limited to these but for example)

  • presentations of papers at conferences
  • presentations of posters a symposia/conferences
  • travel to attend special programs to become more proficient in an area of research

Please see detail information on the GSAS Travel Grants application process.

Dissertation Expenses Grants
For doctoral students at the dissertation stage. Grants (up to a total of $2500 on applications throughout one’s graduate career) cover special expenses students may incur to distinguish the dissertation in its field nationally or internationally and increase the competitiveness of an application for external funding. Please note that standard expenses associated with the dissertation are not covered by these grants, (i.e. photocopying costs) nor is the acquisition of any software or equipment that the University owns. Travel expenses (described above) may be included. These grants differ from the Alumni Dissertation Fellowships in that they cover expenses but do not provide stipends. In the past the following types of projects were funded (awards are not limited to these but for example)

  • travel to and/or residency at libraries or archives that will make dissertation exceptional
  • residency expenses associated with travel to libraries or archives

Please see detail information on the GSAS Dissertation Expense Grants application process.

* Photocopying expenses or other costs associated with normal dissertation expenses will not be considered.

Additional Information
File Format: Files should be submitted as PDF files by the due date, and should begin with the student’s last name followed by CV, Narrative, Rec, Doc, Budget Request Form, Travel or Dissertation Application

Example: Smith_CV_TRAV14F

Applications will not be considered if they are submitted incorrectly. We will not accept combined files.

Application for Research Support Grants is open to our students in good standing with satisfactory academic progress according to the guidelines established by Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. These grants are awarded on a competitive basis, and recipients of these grants will be expected to submit their student achievements on an ongoing basis.

Review and Selection Process
Each application will first be evaluated by the Departmental Review Committee whose recommendations will then go to the Dean. To allow ample time for these reviews, applicants will be notified of the result of their application by letter approximately two months after the deadline.

Please see RSG Award Reimbursement Information and Form for instructions on how to receive your award reimbursement.