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Various screenshots from different theatre productions

Performance Track Auditions

Audition Dates

October 13, 2018, New York, NY (Internal and External Transfers only)
December 1, 2018, New York, NY
January 19, 2019, New York, NY
January 20, 2019, New York, NY
January 26, 2019, New York, NY
February 04, 2019, Chicago, IL
February 05, 2019, Chicago, IL
February 06, 2019, Chicago, IL
February 09, 2019, Los Angeles, CA
February 10, 2019, Los Angeles, CA

Please register for your audition. Payment of a non-refundable audition fee of $50 is required immediately after registering for your audition. Your confirmation email will include a payment link. You must pay the audition fee in a timely manner in order to avoid cancellation of your audition. However, if you are an internal transfer, the fee will be waived. Please notify us after registering for your audition.
We also offer a theatre minor for undergraduate students, which does not require an audition.


The university application deadline has been extended to November 15, 2018. Late applications will be accepted, but only on a case-by-case basis.
You must schedule your audition slot by December 15, 2018.

Requirements and Guidelines

Please follow the requirements and guidelines as you prepare for your audition. If you have a headshot and resume, please upload them at least two weeks in advance of your audition, to the online portal hub:

To submit headshot/resume materials:

  1. You must submit an application for admission to Fordham University, in order to upload your headshot/resume. Once you have applied, you will receive credentials to log into the Online Applicant Portal -after the Office of Admission has acknowledged receipt of your admission application via email. Once you receive your credentials, please log into the Online Applicant Portal, find the section called Portfolio or Materials. Here is where you will upload your headshot/resume.
  2. Do not mail DVDs or any other hard copy interview materials to Fordham, as we no longer accept any materials submitted via any other method but the Online Applicant Portal.
  3. If you cannot make any of the audition dates, you may upload a video using the above portal instructions. Incoming freshmen and transfer students, your video must be uploaded by Friday, February 9, 2018. Please note, we highly encourage you to attend one of the live auditions, if possible.

Please also (not instead of) bring your headshot and resume to your audition.

Monologue Information

In addition, Performance Track Auditions require two monologues as described below.

  • One Classical Monologue (i.e. Shakespearean, Restoration, the Greeks; It does not have to be in verse)
  • One Contemporary Monologue

Each monologue should be a maximum of 1.5 minutes long (3 minutes total). Please time your monologues as you prepare for your audition! Our faculty will cut you off if you exceed the time limit and this will not reflect favorably on your audition.

The number one thing we want to tell you regarding your monologues is: Show us what you love.

  • Choice of material is so important. Choose material that you LOVE. Choose a character and a play that you are passionate about.
  • Your monologues should be selected with contrasts in mind: differences in tone (humorous or serious), language styles, and character.
  • Mature roles are fine, but don't force it. We don't recommend, for example, that you try dialects you aren't totally comfortable with, or to leap into a climactic moment in Greek tragedy. These choices won't tell us about you, and are hard to pull off in an audition situation.
  • Think about your widest acting range as it is now, and show us that.
  • If your selections are physically active, that's even better.

Please Note: Singing is not required, and will not be requested at the audition.

Audition days begin at 10 a.m.; auditions are scheduled every five minutes throughout the day. After you schedule your audition online, you will receive an email confirmation of your audition time. Please be early for your audition. We will make every attempt to stay on schedule, but please be prepared to stay later than your scheduled time should we run late. You should plan to stay for 30-45 minutes for your audition.

At the New York City audition, you will also have the opportunity to talk with our theatre ambassadors about the program while you wait for your appointment time. The ambassadors also give tours of the school and the residence halls throughout the day. In addition, we offer the option to attend a Fordham theatre Q&A session. The Q&A session will begin each day at 1 p.m. and is approximately 45 minutes long. This is a time when the theatre faculty will talk with parents and prospective students about the theatre program. A representative from the Office of Undergraduate Admission will also be present to answer any questions you have regarding admission, housing, and financial aid.

You will audition for two or more of the following theatre faculty:
Tina Benko, Acting Faculty
George Drance, Acting Faculty; Artist in Residence
Carla Jackson, Theatre Program Administrator
Daniel Alexander Jones, Head of the Playwriting Track; Acting and Theatre History Faculty
Matthew Maguire, Theatre Program Director; Head of the Performance Track
Elizabeth Margid, Head of the Directing Track; Acting Faculty
Dawn Akemi Saito, Acting and Movement Faculty; Artist in Residence

During your regional interview (Chicago or Los Angeles), you will meet with the following theatre faculty:
Matthew Maguire, theatre program director, head of the performance track
Carla Jackson, theatre program administrator


Contact: or call 212-636-7562.

Various screenshots of different theatre productions