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University Offices and Services

Public Safety

Public Safety

Rose Hill: 718-817-2222

Lincoln Center: 212-636-6076

Institute of American Language and Culture (ESL)

Student Accounts

Student Accounts

Rose Hill: Thebaud Hall, First Floor, 718-817-4900

Lincoln Center: 214 Lowenstein Bldg, 718-817-4900


Payments on account are made at the cashier windows at the offices noted above. All inquiries concerning the status of your account should be directed to Student Accounts at 718-817-4900.

University Bookstores

University Bookstores

Rose Hill: McGinley Center, 718-817-3400

Lincoln Center: Lowenstein Street Level, 212-636-6080

The University bookstores sell textbooks and other course materials, supplies, Fordham clothing and novelties, greeting cards, posters, etc.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry

Rose Hill: McGinley Center 102, 718-817-4500

Lincoln Center: Lowenstein Building 217, 212-636-6267

Campus Ministry seeks to foster the integral growth of all the Fordham University community, but especially focuses on the personal, spiritual, and moral development of its students, thereby complementing the work of other departments and divisions in pursuit of the university’s overall mission.

The Campus Ministry offices and programs are open to all members, regardless of one’s faith traditions. Campus Ministry at both sites, in the Bronx or in Manhattan, provides opportunities for worship, counsel, and spiritual direction, retreats and fellowship, service and cultural insertion programs, lectures and discussions on contemporary issues of faith and works.

Schedules for Masses, the Sacraments, and Interfaith Religious Services are published in brochures and bulletins and posted in Campus Ministry Offices. Staff members are available by appointment or for drop-in visits.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services

Rose Hill: O’Hare Hall basement, 718-817-3725

Lincoln Center: McMahon Hall Rm 211, 212-636-6225

The college experience, although an exciting and challenging time, may include times of difficulty and considerable stress - the shock of leaving your home country and coming to a foreign culture, choosing a major and a vocation, making new friends, dealing with family problems, and so on. Sometimes making these difficult decisions plus academic pressures may produce feelings of loneliness, depression or anxiety. Everyone goes through periods of time when he or she could use some help. The Counseling Center sees both domestic and foreign students who have every type of academic and personal problem. They provide academic, vocational and personal assistance to meet the needs of each individual.

Some of the basic services which the counseling center provides are individual counseling, marriage counseling, counseling for eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, vocational and academic counseling, an international student support group, occasional programs on such topics as procrastination and stress reduction, and, if necessary, referral to community resources.

The Counseling Center seeks to promote student development through the following services:

Personal Counseling
The Center is staffed with mental health professionals, a consulting psychiatrist, and several doctoral students in clinical psychology. Individual counseling and psychotherapy are offered in confidence and at no extra charge to students who are experiencing personal problems, whether or not the problem is affecting college performance. Day and evening appointments are available.

Referral and Information
The Center maintains an extensive list of private practitioners and agencies offering mental health and counseling services for students and their families who may wish to seek services outside the University. Informative literature fostering personal and academic development is available to students. Brochures on a variety of topics are located at the entrance of the Counseling Center.

The Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, are offered to students who want to integrate their strengths, interests, and personal preferences with an academic, occupational or personal choice, such as selecting a career; or considering a particular hobby. Students are invited to explore these choices and other decisions through counseling, together with the results of testing. For the convenience of incoming students group test sessions are scheduled at the beginning of each semester. Other students may take the tests on a walk-in basis.

Workshops and Special Events
Small group workshops in Study Skills, Stress Management, Test Anxiety Reduction, and Interpersonal Skills are offered each semester. The Center also sponsors programs and lectures throughout the academic year on a variety of topics aimed at providing students with educational information to promote mental health.

International Student Support Group
The Center offers a special support group to help international students deal with the unique issues which they must face in a new culture.

Health Services and Your Health

Health Services and Your Health

Rose Hill: O’Hare Hall Lower Level, 718-817-4160

Lincoln Center: McMahon Hall, Room 203, 212-636-7160


Maintaining your health is something you should take very seriously. It will involve paying attention to your physical condition and your emotional health as well as those things of a social and spiritual nature. Scientists are proving that when emotional health is low and stress is not managed, one’s physical health is negatively affected. Likewise, when one feels isolated or lonely one’s total well-being is affected. If you are not healthy, then you are going to have a difficult time with your studies. During your stay at Fordham University, there will probably be times when you do not feel well. Whether you have physical problems or emotional ones, it is important to know where to go for assistance and to go there before you feel you have a severe problem.

Many of your medical needs can be met by Fordham’s Health Center. The services of the Health Center are available to all students of the University. There is no charge for treatment and medical supplies may be purchased at a minimal cost. It is directed by a certified nurse practitioner in family health, and stuffed by nurse practitioners.

All registered students at Fordham are eligible to use student health services upon presentation of a current Fordham ID. Lincoln Center students should call before they make the trip up to the Rose Hill Campus to make sure the Center offers the care needed.- The Student Health Center provides care for most student health needs including routine health care, emergency care and medical counseling. Some insurance plans offer a lower deductible if students first use the Student Health Center.

Medical costs in the United States are extremely high. The United States has no national health plan. If you require hospitalization or other services not provided by the infirmary, you will be required to cover the cost yourself. Your dependents are not covered by the Health Center, thus it is particularly important that you cover them with health and accident insurance while they are in the United States.

More information about the student Health Insurance Plan can be obtained at the OIS.

ID Cards

ID Cards

Rose Hill: Faculty Memorial Hall, Room 129, 718-817-4919,

Lincoln Center: Lowenstein Building, Room 128A, 212-636-7765,

All members of the University Community are required to have the University ID card in their possession while on campus. ID cards must be presented upon request of clearly identified University personnel this includes campus security guards-in the performance of their assigned duties.


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Computer Labs

Find out information on computer labs on campus.

Enrollment Services


Rose Hill: Thebaud Hall, First Floor
Lincoln Center: LL 203
School of Law: Law 103

Contact Information

Academic Records (LC, RH): 718-817-3900
Financial Services (LC, RH): 718-817-3800
Student Accounts (LC, RH): 718-817-4900
Student Employment (LC, RH): 718-817-3820
Admission - Undergraduate Day* (LC, RH): 718-817-4000

Registrar (LAW): 212-636-6800

Learn more about Enrollment Services

Student Employment

Student Employment Office

Rose Hill: Thebaud Hall, First Floor, 718-817-3820

Lincoln Center: LL 216, 718-817-3820

Writing Center

Writing Center

Rose Hill: Walsh Library, Reference Area, Room 121, 718-579-2276

Lincoln Center: LL Private Study Room 302e, 212-636-6236