Student Employment Office

The Student Employment Office (SEO) staff has prepared this page to familiarize student workers with the procedures of our Academic Year and Summer Work-Study Programs. This information should be helpful to students who are considering employment or beginning their work study placements. The SEO staff is available to assist in clarifying information contained in this guide.


The objective of the SEO is to match students with positions that will enable them to learn and practice valuable work-related skills and to help meet educationally related expenses while studying at Fordham University. Employment on campus is another opportunity to be a part of the Fordham community while earning income to meet your day to day educational expenses. 

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Student employment is more than a job. It is an experience which involves a commitment as well as interaction with the Fordham community. Student employees are highly valued by faculty, staff, and students. This hands-on work experience provides a well-rounded education for the student, and also establishes a foundation upon which future employment goals can be built.

Federal work-study is not credited to your Fordham Student Account. Wages are paid monthly, directly to you, for the hours actually worked in the form of a paycheck. The maximum annual earnings are limited to the amount listed in your award letter.

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Duration of Programs

  • Academic Year Program (part-time) begins the first day of classes and ends on Commencement day.
  • Summer Program (full-time) begins the Monday after Commencement and ends the day before Fall classes begin.

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