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EP Journal

EP Journal

EP publishes some of the best writing produced by first-year students at Fordham College, Lincoln Center. EP is short for eloquentia perfecta, a Latin phrase meaning the right use of reason combined with civic responsibility and eloquent expression. This idea of eloquentia perfecta has long been central to Jesuit education, and EP’s mission is to draw on the best of that tradition while bringing it into the 21st century.

Each year, professors are invited to nominate some of the strongest writing from their classes. These submissions receive anonymous consideration from at least two members of a review board comprised of graduate students from Fordham’s Graduate School of Arts and Science. Essays selected through this rigorous blind peer review process are returned with detailed reader reports to the writers. From there, the authors revise and resubmit their essays for final publication.

The current issue of EP is available in the Lincoln Center English Department. Either speak to the department secretary in Lowenstein 924, or Kirk Quinsland in Lowenstein 924-B.

Jessica D’Onofrio <>
Editor and Director, Lincoln Center Writing Center

Aaron Pinnix <>
Editor and Alumni Dissertation Fellow

Kirk Quinsland <>
Director of Writing/Composition at Lincoln Center
Lecturer in English