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Graduate English Association (GEA)

About the GEA



Graduate English Students Convening at One of GEA's Many Socials

The Graduate English Association (GEA) is a student-run group that hosts various social and academic events for English graduate students. Featuring a board of three elected graduate students, the GEA works to fulfill three core objectives: first, to enhance Fordham English graduate students’ academic and professional experiences; second, to provide graduate students a network of support; and third, to represent graduate students’ interests and concerns.

To improve graduate students’ academic and professional experiences, the GEA has held such events as:

  • The annual student–faculty roundtable, at which six to nine graduate students present papers that engage with the recent scholarship of three faculty members. The event allows student participants to collaborate with professors from the department and then share their research with a large audience of peers and faculty.  
  • A biennial interdisciplinary conference that includes submissions from undergraduates, graduate students, and professors from Fordham and other universities. 
  • The alumni speaker series, which features biannual talks from Fordham English PhD alumni, who discuss a range of career opportunities from both academic and non-academic sectors. 
  • Faculty-led writing workshops where faculty members explore aspects of the academic writing process, including writing for publications and conferences.

To foster a collegial atmosphere within the graduate-student community, the GEA also holds a monthly “Beer & Books” event at local bars in the Bronx and Lincoln Center areas. The GEA also maintains a blog that regularly features new content and resources for graduate students and provides information on upcoming events relevant to graduate student interests.

Lastly, to represent graduate students’ needs, members of the GEA board attend faculty departmental meetings, where they voice any graduate student concerns as well as record notes for all graduate students in the department.

This year's board includes Alexandra Finn-Atkins (President), Cathal Pratt (VP), Carolyn Cargile (PhD Representative), and Jonah Greeble (MA Representative).