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Sexual and Related Misconduct Policy and Procedures

IX. Glossary

The following are words and phrases relevant to the Sexual and Related Conduct Policy and Procedures for the Fordham University Community.

Bystander - A person who observes misconduct, or impending misconduct, conflict, potential violence, or conduct that is in violation of rules or policies of an institution.

Clery Reporting - The data collected by the Department of Public Safety on violent crimes (including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking) occurring on or near University property and is compiled in the University’s Annual Security Report. Only aggregate data is reported and no personally identifiable information is collected. For more information on Clery Reporting, please review the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report or contact the Department of Public Safety.

Complainant - The person initiating the complaint or the person who is reported to have experienced sexual or related misconduct.

Confidentiality - Confidentiality may be offered by an individual who is not required by law to report known incidents of sexual assault or other crimes to institution officials, in a manner consistent with state and federal law. The Confidential Resources at the University are the mental health counselors at Counseling and Psychological Services, medical providers at University Health Services, and the pastoral counselors at Campus Ministry.

Minor - Anyone less than 17 years of age

Privacy - Privacy may be offered by an individual when such individual is unable to offer confidentiality under the law but shall still not disclose information learned from a reporting individual or bystander to a crime or incident more than necessary to comply with this Policy and Procedures, including informing appropriate institution officials. All designated as Campus Security Authorities must report information and should so inform the individual reporting.

Reasonable Person - A reasonable person under similar circumstances and with similar identities to the relevant Fordham community member.

Respondent - The person whose conduct are being reviewed to determine whether there was a violation of the Sexual and Related Conduct Policy and Procedures for the Fordham University Community.

Third Party - A person who is on campus or participating in a Fordham sponsored program, activity, or event.

Date of Policy: Updated: 8-27-19
The University may amend and revise these policies and procedures from time to time to comply with applicable laws, regulations, and governmental guidance. Nothing in these policies shall affect the inherent authority of Fordham University to take actions as it deems appropriate to further its educational mission or to protect the safety and security of our community.