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Acceptable Uses of IT Infrastructure and Resources

IT Policy Statement


This policy provides notice of the expectations and guidelines of Fordham University (the University) to all who use and manage Information Technology (IT) resources and services.  

The University provides IT Resources for the advancement of the University’s educational, research, service, and business objectives. Any access or use of IT Resources that interferes, interrupts, or conflicts with these purposes is not acceptable and will be considered a violation of this policy.



This policy, and all policies referenced herein, apply to all members of the University community including faculty, students, administrative officials, staff, alumni, authorized guests, delegates, and independent contractors (the “User(s)” or “you”) who use, access, or otherwise employ, locally or remotely, the University’s IT Resources, whether individually controlled, shared, stand-alone, or networked.



IT Resources include computing, networking, communications, application, and telecommunications systems, infrastructure, hardware, software, data, databases, personnel, procedures, physical facilities, cloud-based vendors, Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors, and any related materials and services.