Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy

I. IT Policy Statement

This Policy Statement provides notice of Fordham University (hereinafter the “University”)’s expectations and guidelines to all who use and manage information technology (hereinafter “IT”) resources and services (including but not limited to computing, networking, communications and telecommunications systems, infrastructure, hardware, software, data, databases, personnel, procedures, physical facilities, and any related materials and services) (hereinafter the “IT Resources”).

The University provides the IT Resources for the advancement of the University’s educational, research, service, and business objectives. Any access or use of IT Resources that interferes, interrupts, or conflicts with these purposes is not acceptable and will be considered a violation of this Policy Statement (hereinafter the “IT Policy”).

  1. Applicability
  2. This IT Policy, and any other policy referenced herein, shall apply to any and every member of the University community including, but not limited to, faculty, students, administrative officials, staff, and independent contractors (hereinafter the “User(s)” or “you”) who uses, accesses, or otherwise employs, locally or remotely, the University’s IT Resources, whether individually controlled, shared, stand-alone, or networked.

  3. Related Policies
  4. The term IT Policy shall also include any additional University policies related to information technologies, all of which are incorporated herein by reference. Such topically oriented policies include, but are not limited to, the Anti-Spam Policy, the Email Policy, the Peer-to-Peer Policy, the Web Hosting Policy, the Wireless Policy, and the Internet Usage Policy, all of which are set forth below.

    Further, all such Users accessing and using IT Resources are subject to this IT Policy in addition to applicable provisions of the University Statutes, the University Code of Conduct, the Handbook for Administrators, Local 153 and Local 805 Collective Bargaining Agreements, Student Handbooks, and all other policies and procedures established by the schools and administrative offices of the University.

    The University may at times contract with various software vendors or providers of other IT services. Such third party providers may post their own policies that apply to Users. You are required to comply with such policies when using third party software or other IT services through the University’s IT Resources.