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Ethics and Society Alumni and Careers

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Our program will prepare you for a wide variety of potential career paths by providing a broadly applicable, multidisciplinary education. Courses in law, social work, and psychology may lead to specific professional paths, while exploration of the ethical and moral themes in philosophy, theology, and sociology are broadly applicable to any number of goals. By the time you finish your degree, you will have a comprehensive view of numerous approaches to ethical problem solving that will serve you well in all of your future educational and professional endeavors.

Our optional hands-on practicum provides an opportunity to gain experience in an ethically relevant career setting, allowing students to explore their professional interests before completing their degree.

Additionally, we offer regular Careers in Ethics panels, where invited speakers (featuring Ethics and Society alumni) discuss their ethics-related careers in a number of different fields. Chances to explore the ethical elements of various academic disciplines and career paths are built into the program, and we are happy to work with you in discussing your goals and interests and what further path might suit you best at any time. Read more about: