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COVID-19 Pause Lifted at Rose Hill Campus The pause of in-person instruction and activities at Rose Hill is lifted as of Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021. Full Details

Confidential Resources for Instances of Sexual and Related Misconduct

Community members may want to talk about their experiences involving sexual and related misconduct in a supportive, confidential space that allows them to discuss and process their feelings. For this reason, the University provides Confidential Resources, who are trained administrators and staff members available to those community members who do not wish to report their experience. Except in limited circumstances, communications with the Confidential Resources listed below will not be shared with the Department of Public Safety, the Title IX Office, the Deputy Title IX Coordinator, the Deans of Students, or any other member of the University community.

Counseling and Psychological Services
Rose Hill Campus: 718-817-3725
Lincoln Center Campus: 212-636-6225
Westchester Campus: 914-367-3733
Calder Center: Please use the Westchester Phone Number

University Health Services
Rose Hill Campus: 718-817-4160
Lincoln Center Campus: 212-636-7160
Westchester Campus: Please use the Rose Hill Phone Number
Calder Center: Please use the Rose Hill Phone Number

Office of Campus Ministry - Pastoral Counselors
Rose Hill Campus: 718-817-4500
Lincoln Center Campus: 212-636-6267
Westchester Campus: 914-367-3420
Calder Center: Please use the Westchester Phone Number Above