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Rose Hill Honors Programs

This is Honors:

"Here's my favorite Honors story: It's the second day of class, and the twelve students enrolled in my class have just read The Tempest in preparation for the day's discussion. We all sit down around the seminar table. I open, saying, 'So, The Tempest.' And twelve students immediately raise their hands.

That's honors at Rose Hill: Engaged students, eager to get at it. And professors in love with their work."

~Dr. Eve Keller, Honors Program Director

Personal and Intellectual Growth

Since its founding in 1950, the Fordham College at Rose Hill Honors Program has provided exceptional students with the opportunity to pursue their core studies in greater depth, breadth and intensity. Drawn from every major, Honors students share a passion not just for learning, but for thinking about what they learn.

Professors in the Program foster lively discussion, provoke analysis of texts and ideas, and provide students with the ideal opportunity to grow personally and intellectually in the context of small, seminar-style classes.