Prospective Students

A Culture of Learning and Exploration

Rose Hill Honors Program

"The size of our program cultivates a culture of learning and exploration that is becoming increasingly hard to find at colleges across the country. Intellectually, I am more confused, yet so much more enriched, for having been in the Honors Program thus far." ~ Kacie Candela, first year student

Intellectual Curiosity and Passionate Engagement

Lifelong learners find a home here in the Honors Program, where intellectual curiosity and passionate engagement unite. As a member of the Honors Program, you will:

  • Pursue your core studies in greater depth, coherence and intensity
  • Ignite and foster your intellectual passion in writing-intensive, discussion-based classes
  • Become part of a community of involved, service-minded students drawn from every major

High Expectations, Bright Promises

Expected to maintain a grade average of 3.500, members of the Honors Program are held to high academic standards in their Honors classes and in their major field and electives. Honors graduates:

  • Receive a designation of in cursu honorum on their diploma and transcript
  • Go on to attend the most respected graduate and professional schools and excel in their respective fields