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Undergraduate Program

Student looking at beaker - SM

Chair: Dr. Patricio I. Meneses
Associate Chair: Dr. James D. Lewis (RH)
Location: Larkin Hall 160 (RH)
Phone: 718-817-3640


Professors: Dubrovsky, Finnemann, Franks, Lewis, Munshi-South, Rubin, Thornhill, Wehr
Associate Professors: Clark, Frank, Hekkala, Meneses, Wei
Assistant Professors: Gallo, Kundakovic
Professors Emeriti: Aiello, Dale, Iwantsch, Kevin, Ross, Fr. Sullivan


Course offerings in biological sciences are designed to provide a broad basis for understanding life’s processes from the molecular level through the cellular and organismal to the ecological level. The program provides thorough preparation to students intending to pursue careers in medicine, teaching, research, industry, or the allied health professions.

Contribution to Core

Biological Sciences offers courses numbered BISC 1000-1006, which count as life science courses to fulfill part of the natural science core requirement. The two-course sequence BISC 1403-1404, when taken in sequence, will fulfill both natural science course requirements.