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Blackboard for Faculty

Looking for a Blackboard workshop? Check out the Fordham IT Events Calendar. The Blackboard website has videos and other support material for instructors and students on all facets of Blackboard.

  • Use the Zoom tool in Blackboard (schedule meetings directly from your course in Blackboard)

  • Access Fordham Blackboard through the portal. Select 'Log in to the Portal' at the top, and authenticate with your Fordham credentials. Once logged in, go to the My Apps page, scroll down to Global Apps, and select Blackboard. Or, go directly to Fordham's Blackboard portal.
  • Course shells will appear on Blackboard at least one week before the start of the new semester.
  • Check your list of courses on Blackboard. Courses are created automatically based on data in Banner. If you are not listed as the instructor for a course in Banner (i.e., the course instructor is marked as TBD), the course will not appear in your list of courses on Blackboard. Contact your department secretary to update the record in Banner.
  • The Banner information system automatically adds registered students to Blackboard courses. Students who drop a course will not be unenrolled but listed as unavailable.  
  • You must make your course available in Blackboard in order for students to access the content. 
    • Select the course you want to make available
    • Click on the Control Panel drop-down menu
    • Click on Customization, then Properties
    • Scroll down to Set Availability
    • Select Yes if you want the students to access the materials
    • Click Submit.
  • Assignments submitted through Blackboard are located under the Assessment menu.
  • For best results make sure your browser is up to date. Also, use the correct plugins. On the top right of the Blackboard welcome page, click the Test Your Browser button for a list of plugins you need to install to use Blackboard.
    • Any plugin with a red X needs to be downloaded to your computer to view or listen to media on Blackboard.
    • Click on Common Third Party File Types. If you cannot open any of these documents, you will need to install a document reader, such as Microsoft Office or Apache's OpenOffice
  • To avoid irreversible loss of data, carefully name your files.
    • Use only numbers and letters in a file name.
    • Avoid using spaces in file names. Instead, use an underscore. For example, My_Paper.
    • Do not use special characters such as # or , or . in the file name before the .doc or .pdf extension.
  • Have a specific question about Blackboard? Contact us at Provide your username, the full course ID and course section number.