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Sunil Garga

Sunil Garga is the founder and chief executive of Sapient Mphasize, LLC, a highly specialized consulting and analytics company. The venture leverages Garga’s 20-plus years of experience in marketing, media, and cross-media ROI analytics and software-enabled applications and solutions. It has been very well received among decision-makers at Fortune 100 companies and, in its first few years of existence, has generated an impressive, growing client list.

Prior to this new venture, Garga was president of the global business and consumer insights division of Information Resources, Inc., reporting to the chairman of Symphony Marketing Solutions, Romesh Wadhwani. During this engagement, Garga was responsible for revenue in excess of $250 million and sat atop a global reporting structure of 600 professionals. 

Garga began his career as co-founder of Marketing Management Analytics, where he pioneered marketing and media-mix analytics and managed more than 1,000 brand marketing and sales ROI engagements, media analytics, and forecasting analytics.

Widely considered a pioneer and innovator in marketing, media, and sales analytics, Garga has played key industry roles in the design, development and implementation of successful marketing ROI  solutions, demand forecasting, pricing and technology-enabled sales and marketing solutions, digital media management, and BI-related analytic applications. He is a frequent speaker at forums run by the Advertising Research Foundation, Association of National Advertisers, and other industry groups. In 2007, AdAge named him a “Media Maven” for his “visionary leadership in helping marketers achieve ROI.”