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Advanced Legal Writing

The Advanced Legal Writing courses are limited-enrollment seminars taught in a "workshop" format to facilitate in-class exercises in drafting and editing. Students also prepare a variety of documents outside of class. Each course is taught by an adjunct professor who is a specialist in the given field. None has any pre- or co-requisites with the exception of Commercial Drafting and Intellectual Property Drafting.

A student may enroll in only one Advanced Legal Writing course each semester. Further, a student may not repeat any advanced Legal Writing Writing course (all sections of Commercial Drafting count as the same course). No Advanced Legal Writing course satisfies the Upper-Class Writing Requirement.

The Registrar's Office is solely responsible for determining enrollment in Advanced Legal Writing classes. Professors may not admit students to the class on their own initiative, nor may they expand the size of the class beyond 12 under any circumstances.

Rules for Dropping Advanced Legal Writing Courses

Students may not drop an Advanced Legal Writing course 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester except with the permission of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Such a request must be made no later than 24 hours after the first class meeting.

Students who drop an Advanced Legal Writing course may not take another such course in the same semester except with the permission of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

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