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Theology Graduate Students

Fall 2022 Graduate Courses

An Updated Collection of Documents and Resources for Students in the MACT, MTS, and PhD Programs

Doctoral Student Handbook for Theology (Red Book)

Doctoral Student Handbook for Theology (Blue Book)

Guidelines for the Perplexed

Forms and Documents

Some of the departmental forms and documents are available for viewing, printing, and/or download in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format from the theology department's web site. All other forms are available only through the departmental secretary.


Any forms not listed above are available through the departmental secretary. However, many of the forms listed below are for faculty and staff use only. These include:

  • Approval for Dissertation Defense
  • Change of Grade Form
  • Continuing Student Non-Matriculated Application*
  • Departmental Report on the PhD Comprehensive Examination: Evaluation of Examination by Professor
  • Dissertation Acceptance Form
  • Fulfillment of Language Requirement
  • Mentor's Report of Students Writing Dissertations or Proposals
  • New Student Non-Matriculated Application*
  • Request for Grade of Incomplete*
  • Results of MA Examination
  • Results of the PhD Comprehensive Examination
  • Solicitation of the PhD Comprehensive Examination Questions
  • Transfer of Credit*
  • Waiver of Requirements*
  • Annual Reviews of Students*

*Note: an asterisk (*) indicates a form for student use that can only be secured through the departmental secretary.

Comprehensive Examination Lists

 Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity

Systematics - EFFECTIVE FALL 2018

Systematics - Pre-Fall 2019

History of Christianity


Theological and Social Ethics

Examination and Submission Information

  • Language Examinations Dates, 2022-2023: August 29 & 30th, November 30th, February 8th, and April 19th.
  • Doctoral Comprehensive Examinations Dates (*Oral exam will be scheduled for approximately one week later.): October 19 and 21, March 22 and 24.
  • Submission dates for Doctoral Committee Reviews: November 9 and March 22.