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The Graduation Ceremony

Directions to the Ceremony

Traveling to the Rose Hill Campus

Via Metro North at Grand Central Station to the Fordham Station.
This is the easiest way to travel to Fordham’s Rose Hill campus. The Fordham station on Metro North will leave you across the street from the Rose Hill campus and close to the Walsh Library.

Via Ram Van

If you or any of your guests plan to travel from the Lincoln Center campus to Rose Hill on May 20th using the University's Ram Van service, you must order a ticket for every person using the ram van. Please note, if any of your guests are traveling with children under 4 years of age, they must be in a baby/toddler car seat. Your guest must bring their own baby/toddler car seat with them. Also, please note that no children can not sit on anyone's lap.  

To order your round trip tickets please go to the link that follows:  (Law)  

Via Public Transportation
By Subway and Bus: The subway leaves continuously throughout the day. To get to the Rose Hill campus from Manhattan, take the Bronx-bound orange D train from the Columbus Circle station and go to the Fordham Road stop in the Bronx. There, you can transfer to local bus service to Fordham University. The entire trip takes about an hour. For local bus service, take the Bx9, Bx12, Bx22, or Bee-Line 60 or 61 to the University.

Via Car
If you are using a GPS or other navigation system, enter the following address for the main entrance of the Rose Hill campus: 2691 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10458. This address will take you to the Fordham Regional Parking Facility where you will have free parking. Additional parking will also be located in Parking Area A.

Fordham University, Rose Hill Campus map.

See more information on directions to Fordham University.

Assembling for the Procession

Arriving at the Rose Hill Campus on Monday, May 20, 2019

The Law School's Diploma Ceremony will take place on Monday, May 20, 2019 at the Vincent T. Lombardi Memorial Center. Please see the Fordham University’s Rose Hill Campus Map

Graduates will be expected to arrive by 9 a.m. to line-up for the academic procession. Graduates will enter via the McGinley Center.  Signs will direct graduates to where to assemble. 

The student procession will begin at 10 a.m. The ceremony will begin at 10:30 a.m.

Seating for Guests

The student procession will begin at 10 a.m. The ceremony will begin at 10:30 a.m. Guests will be expected to be seated prior to the start of the procession. All guests must have tickets to attend the ceremony.



Arrangements have been made with a professional photographic service to take photos of each graduate as they receive their congratulatory letter on stage. The company will contact graduates several weeks after the ceremony regarding your photograph and its purchase.

Prior to the day of the ceremony, graduates should advise their guests (i) that an official photographer will photograph each graduate; (ii) to be considerate of others taking photographs, and (iii) not to go on stage or interfere with the photographer or any other university officials.

Please advise your guests that the student procession begins promptly at 10 a.m. and aisles must be clear as the graduates process.

The Diploma

At the Diploma Ceremony, graduates receive a congratulatory letter ("diploma") from the Dean. The actual diploma will be released to graduates a few weeks after the ceremony. The Registrar's Office will notify graduates when the diplomas are available.

Graduates may opt to have their diploma mailed to them or picked up at the Law School.

To receive their diploma, graduates must submit an online form.

JD Diploma Mailing or Pick-up Request Form

J.D. graduates will pick up the diploma from the Registrar's Office (Room 4-102).

LLM/MSL Diploma Mailing Request Form

LL.M. and MSL graduates will pick up the diploma from the Office of International and Non-JD Programs (Room 8-131).

Mobile Devices

We respectfully ask that all guests turn off or turn to "silent" their mobile devices during the ceremony.

Disability Accommodations

If you or any of your guests has a disability or temporary impairment requiriing an accommodation at the ceremony, the graduate must complete the online Disability Accommodations Form no later than Monday, May 13, 2019. For certain disabilities (e.g., a guest requiring a sign language interpreter), we ask that you complete the form early, so the Office of Student Affairs has the ability to address you or your guest's needs well in advance of the ceremony.

Please note: The Law School does not provide wheelchairs. Individuals are responsible for bringing their own. All guests must have a ticket to attend the ceremony.

Abel P. Móntez, Director of Student Affairs, will contact those individuals submitting such requests with special instructions for the day of the ceremony.

Children on Stage with Graduates

Any graduate, who is the parent of a child (or children) born at any time from the date of acceptance to Fordham Law School to the date of the Diploma Ceremony is eligible to have their child (or children) walk onto the stage with them to receive their "diploma."

To register to participate, the graduate must submit the Children Registration Form by Friday, April 26, 2019.

The graduate must provide the name(s) and date(s) of eligible children along with (1) the name of the person designated to bring the child to the graduate before going onto the stage to receive the "diploma" and (2) the names of other guests.

In May, the Office of Student Affairs will contact the graduate to provide them with special instructions regarding the special seating area for the graduate's guests and where the designee and child (or children) will be located prior to going on stage.

Because specific seats are assigned for graduates, be advised that the child (or children) are not allowed to sit with the parent who is graduating.

Alumni/ae and Special Diploma Presentations

At the Diploma Ceremony, each graduate receives a congratulatory letter from the Dean. The actual diploma will be released to graduates a few weeks after the ceremony. Information on how to receive the diploma can be found in "The Diploma" section of this site.

On stage, the Dean of the Law School will present the congratulator letter. However, when the graduate "is the child, grandchild, parent, sibling, spouse or domestic partner of a Fordham Law School alumnus, a Fordham Law School faculty member, or a Fordham University trustee" that individual may present the letter to the graduate.

Please contact Julie Smith, the Director of Alumni Affairs, at by Friday, April 26, 2019 to inform that Office if any of the category of the individuals listed plan to participate in the ceremony. Because these individuals participate in the academic procession and are seated on the dais, the Office of Alumni Affairs will contact the graduate with additional instructions. These individuals do not need a ticket to the Diploma Ceremony.

It is important to register in advance. Requests to participate in these presentations on the day of the ceremony will not be honored.

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