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David Budescu

Dr. David Budescu

Anne Anastasi Professor of Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology
Curriculum Vitae


Rose Hill Campus: Dealy Hall, Room 220
Phone: 718-817-3786


1975 - BA in Psychology and Statistics, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel
1979 - MA in Quantitative Psychology, University of NC at Chapel Hill
1980 - PhD in Quantitative Psychology, University of NC at Chapel Hill

Major Research Interests

  • Human judgment
  • Individual and group decision making under uncertainty and with vague information
  • Information aggregation and “Wisdom of Crowds”
  • Statistics for the behavioral and social sciences
  • Applied Psychometrics


  • Models of Choice and Decision
  • PSGA 7816 - Multivariate Analysis
  • Experimental Design
  • PSGA 7832 - Meta Analysis
  • Analysis of Categorical Data

Recent Publications

  • Bosetti, V., Weber, E., Berger, L., Budescu, D.V., Liu. N. & Tavoni, M.  (2017). COP21 Climate negotiators' beliefs about future global temperature increases and their responses to climate model forecasts. Nature Climate Change, 7, 185-189. doi:10.1038/nclimate3208
  • Budescu, D.V. & Bo, Y. (2017). A note on standardized covariance. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 77, 180-184.
  • Bo, Y. Budescu, D.V., Lewis, D., Tetlock, P.E. & Mellers, B. (2017). An IRT forecasting model: linking proper scoring rules to item response theory. Judgment and Decision Making. 12(2), 90-107.
  • Por, H., & Budescu, D.V. (2017). Eliciting subjective probabilities through pair-wise comparisons.  Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 30(2), 181-196. DOI: 10.1002/bdm.1929
  • Chen, E., Lakshmikanth, S., Budescu, D.V., Mellers, B.A. & Tetlock, P.A. (2016). Validating the Contribution-Weighted Model: Robustness and cost-benefit analyses. Decision Analysis.  13(2), 128-152.
  • Ho, E.H., Budescu, D.V., Dhami, M.K., Mandel, D.R. (2016).  On the effective communication of uncertainty: Lessons from the climate change and intelligence analysis domains. Behavioral Science and Policy. 1(2), 43-55.
  • Budescu, D.V., Bo, Y. (2015). Analyzing test-taking behavior: Decision theory meets psychometric theory. Psychometrika, 80,1105-1122. doi: 10.1007/s11336-014-9425-x
  • Davis-Stober, C, Budescu, D.V., Dana, J. & Broomell, S. (2015). The composition of optimally wise crowds. Decision Analysis, 12,130-143.
  • Broomell, S., Budescu, D.V., & Por H. (2015). Personal experience with climate change predicts intentions to act. Global Environmental Change, 32, 67-73.
  • Park, S. & Budescu, D.V. (2015). Aggregating multiple probability intervals to improve calibration. Judgment and Decision, 10, 130-143.