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COVID-19 Pause Lifted at Rose Hill Campus The pause of in-person instruction and activities at Rose Hill is lifted as of Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021. Full Details

Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology Upcoming Courses

Upcoming courses to be offered by the Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology Program (subject to change)

Spring 2022

  • PSYC 7804 Regression with Lab
  • PSYC 7830 Structural Equation Modeling
  • PSYC 7827 Models of Decision and Choice

Fall 2021

  • PSYC 6802 Introduction to Psychology Statistics w/ Lab
  • PSYC 7806 Multidimensional Scaling
  • PSYC 7940 Bayesian Statistics
  • PSYC 7965 Experimental Design