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Virtual Recruitment Plan

Whatever option you choose, above all know that Fordham’s Admission team is here for you and your students! Let us suggest some options for you to consider.
Attend a Fordham Hosted Virtual Event  
This is our most in depth and accessible option. It will only require your promotion to your students. We will take care of the rest including registration and hosting! This is an especially ideal option if you are not able to host a high school visit at this time or if you are looking for a way to introduce Fordham to your students on a flexible schedule. 

We recommend one or more of the following events:

Guided Virtual Tour
(with current Fordham Students)

Virtual Hello
(hosted by your representative; evening options)

Virtual Information Session
(live, interactive and with presentation; weekend options)

Virtual Ram Session
(specific topics, such as majors or Financial Aid, evening events)

Host Fordham at Your Virtual Event
If you have a platform (e.g., Google Meet or Zoom) and are hosting a virtual high school visit or college fair, let us know. If we can attend we will do so! Already sent an invite? We will be responding to your request soon. If we cannot attend, we will suggest an alternative mode of contact such as one of our Virtual Visit events.   

Ask Fordham to Support a Virtual Visit
If you want us to come visit you virtually but do not have the technology to host us, first consider one of the above options as they will be the easiest to execute and provide the most in depth information. However, if it is essential that we plan a virtual high school specific visit, please reach out to your Fordham admission contact and we will work on an alternative arrangement. Find your counselor here.