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Application FAQs

Guidelines for Submission of Documents

In order for documents to be considered official, they should be submitted via the following modes:

Transcripts, scores, letters of recommendation from school officials and teachers:

  • uploaded as an official school document
  • faxed using a school fax machine (with cover sheet or on official stationary)
  • mailed in a sealed envelope (from the school)
  • emailed from a verified school domain

Supplemental letters from employers, alumni, etc.:

  • uploaded as an official school document
  • faxed using recommender's fax machine (with cover sheet or on official stationary)
  • mailed in a sealed envelope (from the recommender's place of business)
  • emailed from a verified institutional domain​

​Is your student using the Your Choice Application?

  • Students can use the fee waiver provided in the Your Choice Application to file with the Common Application. Students just select "I have received a Fordham University fee waiver." in the "fee question" when applying.
  • All applications are viewed equally, students should be encouraged to use the application they prefer.

What is SENDedu?

  • SENDedu is the free, secure (industry-standard encryption (SSL) electronic document transfer service we use to support the Your Choice application.

How does SENDedu work?

  • Once your student submits the application, you and other recommenders will be prompted via an email invitation from the applicant to upload documents through the service.
    • Naviance schools: please remind your students to check the box that lets you know they are filing an application other than the Common Application so we get their documents timely.
  • SENDedu is not your only option. You can mail, or email ( documents to Fordham. Please note: the latter methods may take longer.
  • During the process of submitting the Your Choice Application, students are prompted to invite their High School Counselor to use SENDedu by asking them to provide their Counselors Name and Email Address.  When this information is provided correctly, SENDedu will email the Counselor directly with the necessary information needed to submit key documents, including Transcripts and/or recommendations, on the students behalf via SENDedu.
  • Alternatively, students may also download and deliver their SENDedu 'Official Document Request' form to their Counselor themselves.  Following the submission of any Your Choice Application, the student's downloadable 'Official Document Request' form will remain available to students on their confirmation page.  At anytime students can retrieve this document by log-in and downloading their application packet - which will include the student's specific 'Office Document Request' form.

But what if my student did not invite me to use SENDedu? What if I do not have my student's PIN?

  • Using the students secure log-in, please have the student return to the Your Choice Application to retrieve the downloadable 'Official Document Request' form.  This document will remain available to students for download as part of their completed application packet.  The student's document request form will provide you with both the instruction and necessary student PIN.  This student PIN will be required when submitting the necessary documents electronically with SENDedu. 

SENDedu has a helpdesk. For questions, please contact them via phone at: 855-SEND-EDU or via email at