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Visiting Students

Fordham’s Exchange Programs (Fordham students visiting through one of Fordham’s exchange arrangements)

Students studying through one of Fordham’s exchange programs will pay their tuition to Fordham Law School during the enrollment period. If you have been approved to study in one of Fordham’s exchange programs and your tuition and fees are payable to Fordham Law School, then you are eligible to apply for Fordham’s institutional aid and Federal Student Loan(s) for your course of study. Further information regarding Fordham’s approved exchange programs, may be found at the International and Non JD Program Office website.

Students planning to visit elsewhere during the academic year are encouraged to start the financial aid process well in advance of departure. Failure to follow the procedures listed with the Financial Aid Office and the Law School Registrar will delay disbursement of your financial aid to your tuition account. If you have been approved through one of Fordham’s exchange programs, follow the guidelines in the Applying for Aid section for Returning JD students.

Exchange students should be aware that before the Law School can disburse any financial aid funds to your tuition account, it must receive confirmation of your enrollment in the approved exchange institution. To confirm your enrollment the exchange institution must complete and return the Enrollment Certification form by fax or email to:

Alison Brande, Assistant Director

Law School Financial Aid Office

Tel: 212-636-6816
Fax: 212-636-7984

Non-Exchange Programs (Fordham students visiting at another institution not through a Fordham approved exchange arrangement)

If you have been granted permission to study at another institution but it is not through one of Fordham’s Exchange arrangements, tuition is not payable to Fordham Law School, but rather to the host institution (the school at which you have been permitted to study for the term of enrollment). In these instances because you will not be paying tuition to Fordham Law School, you are ineligible to receive Fordham’s institutional aid (Fordham merit scholarships and need-based grants and scholarships). Fordham’s financial aid is awarded only for payment of tuition at Fordham Law and is not transferrable to another institution. However, you are eligible to borrow Federal or private loans to cover your educational related expenses, such as tuition and fees, room and board, books, and living expenses, at the host institution.

In order to begin the process of determining your federal or private loan eligibility, the Law School Financial Office must receive confirmation of your visiting status from the Fordham Law School Registrar. Confirmation can be made by submitting a copy of your Fordham Registrar Approval Letter to the Law School Financial Aid Office. Upon confirmation of your visiting status, the Financial Aid Office will initiate a Consortium Agreement between Fordham Law School and the host institution. The host school will be asked to provide us with information regarding your cost of attendance, dates of attendance, and enrollment status for the period of study at the host school. Without this information, the Financial Aid Office cannot process your education loan(s) during your enrollment at another U.S. law school. By signing the Consortium Agreement, the Host Institution agrees not to process any financial aid for the visiting student during the student’s course of study.

Once you know the cost of the host institution’s program, you must follow the financial aid procedures for securing the federal or private loans you wish to borrow.  Students visiting at another institution are encouraged to begin the financial aid process well in advance of their departure. Failure to do so may delay disbursement of your federal or private loans to your Fordham tuition account. Follow the guidelines on the Applying for Aid section for Returning JD students.

Payment of the Host Institution’s Tuition

Visiting students will receive a separate bill from the Host Institution and are responsible for paying the Host Institution’s education costs directly. Please be aware that loan funds are not released any sooner than three days before the Host Institution’s start date of the enrollment period.  In most instances, the host institution will understand that payment of its tuition may be delayed, but visiting students will be responsible for making alternative arrangements to pay for travel costs, housing, and any tuition deposits required prior of the host institution’s start date. Once your aid is processed and your loans are disbursed to your Fordham tuition account, the Student Accounts Office will refund to you any loan funds borrowed to cover your host institution’s educationally related expenses.  The most efficient way to receive your refund while you are away is to enroll in Direct Deposit which is available through the University Student Account Office.  Your bank information can be submitted on the by clicking on the Student Accounts Information.