English Faculty Publications


English facultyFutile Pleasures: Early Modern Literature and the Limits of Utility
By Corey McEleney


english facultyDubliners    
Edited by Keri Walsh        

english facultyElephants & Toothaches: Ethics, Politics, and Religion in Krzystof Kieslowski's Decalogue
Edited by Eva Badowska and Francesca Parmeggiani

english facultyThe Joseph Johnson Letterbook
By John Bugg

english facultyThe Norton Reader  
Edited by Joseph Bizup, John Brereton, Anne Fernald, Melissa Goldthwaite and Linda Peterson

english facultyThe Thought of Music  
By Lawrence Kramer

english facultyVernacular Literary Theory from the French of Medieval England: Texts and Translations, c.1120-c.1450   
Edited and Translated By Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, Thelma Fenster and Delbert Russell  


English facultyBindle
By Elisabeth Frost and Dianne Kornberg

english facultyDeafening Modernism: Embodied Language and Visual Poetics In American Literature
By Rebecca Sanchez

english facultyDeixis In The Early Modern English Lyric: Unsettling Spatial Anchors Like "Here", "This", "Come"
By Heather Dubrow


english facultyDrum-Taps: The Complete 1865 Edition
Edited by Lawrence Kramer

english facultyThe Graduate School Mess: What Caused It and How We Can Fix It
By Leonard Cassuto


english facultyMethod Acting and its Discontents On American Psycho-Drama
By Shonni Enelow



english facultyFive Long Winters: The Trials of British Romanticism
By John Bugg

english facultyKeywords for American Cultural Studies (Second Edition)
Edited by Bruce Burgett and Glenn Hendler

english facultyEddic, Skaldic and Beyond: Poetic Variety in Medieval Iceland and Norway
By Martin Chase

english facultyMickey Rourke
By Keri Walsh

english facultyMs. Dalloway 
Edited by Anne Fernald

english facultyOn Voice
Edited by Walter Bernhart and Lawrence Kramer

english facultyResearch Theatre, Climate Change, and the Ecocide Project: A Casebook
By Una Chaudhuri and Shonni Enelow


english facultyA Theory of the Vowel
By Elisabeth Frost

english facultyLanguage and Culture In Medieval Britain: The French of England c.1100-c.1500
By Jocelyn Wogan-Browne

english faculty

Reading and Writing During the Dissolution: Monks, Friars, and Nuns 1530-1558  
By Mary C. Erler


Aenglish facultys You Like It
Edited by Heather Dubrow

english facultyEarly African American Print Culture
Edited by Lara Langer Cohen and Jordan Alexander Stein

english facultyExpression and Truth: On the Music of Knowledge
By Lawrence Kramer


english facultyLiberty of the Imagination: Aesthetic Theory, Literary Form, and Politics in the Early United States
By Edward Cahill

english faculty

Paris in Love: A Memoir
By Mary Bly writing as Eloisa James

english facultyRemembering the Crusades: Myth, Image and Identity
Edited by Nicholas Paul and Suzanne Yeager


english facultyTwo Rings: A Story of Love and War
By Millie Werber and Eve Keller



english facultyAll of Us
By Elisabeth Frost


english facultyThe Cambridge Companion to Baseball
Edited by Leonard Cassuto and Stephen Partridge

english faculty

The Cambridge History of the American Novel
Edited by Leonard Cassuto, Clare Virginia Eby, and Benjamin Reiss

english facultyHart Crane’s 'The Bridge'
Edited by Lawrence Kramer

english facultyForms and Hollows
By Heather Dubrow


english facultyThe Life of Saint Alban
Translated by Jocelyn Wogan-Browne and Thelma S. Fenster
The Passion of Saint Alban
Translated by Thomas O'Donnell and Margaret Lamont

english facultyThe Passage of Literature: Genealogies of Modernism in Conrad, Rhys, and Pramoedya
By Christopher GoGwilt


english faculty bookshelfRethinking the South English Legendaries
Edited by Heather Blurton and Jocelyn Wogan-Browne


english facultyThe VIPs
By Scott Poulson-Bryant



english facultyInterpreting Music
By Lawrence Kramer

english facultyThe Letters of  Sylvia Beach
Edited by Keri Walsh


english facultyDelivered
By Sarah Gambito

english facultyLanguage and Culture in Medieval Britain: The French of England c.1100-c.1500 
Edited by Jocelyn Wogan-Browne et. al.

english facultyThe Sky Below
By Stacey D'Erasmo

english facultyThe Tanganyika Way
Edited by Fawzia Mustafa 

english facultyWhy Classical Music Still Matters
By Lawrence Kramer


english facultyThe Challenges of Orpheus: Lyric Poetry and Early Modern England
By Heather Dubrow

english facultyEcclesiastical London: Records of Early English Drama 
By Mary C. Erler


english facultyHard-Boiled Sentimentality
By Leonard Cassuto


english facultyThe History of Saint Edward the King by Matthew Paris
Translated by Thelma S. Fenster and Jocelyn Wogan-Browne


english facultyIrish Theater in America: Essays on Irish Theatrical Diaspora
Edited by John P. Harrington

english facultyJerusalem in Medieval Narrative
By Suzanne Yeager


english facultyModern and Contemporary Irish Drama
Edited by John P. Harrington



english facultyFranklin Evans, or The Inebriate: A Tale of the Times
Edited by Christopher Castiglia and Glenn Hendler

english facultyGenerating Bodies and Gendered Selves: The Rhetoric of Reproduction in Early Modern England 
By Eve Keller

english facultyInnovative Women Poets: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry and Interviews
Edited by Elisabeth Frost and Cynthia Hogue

english facultyKeywords for American Cultural Studies (First Edition)
Edited by Bruce Burgett and Glenn Hendler

english facultyThe Life of the Neighborhood Playhouse on Grand Street
By John P. Harrington


english facultyCritical Musicology and the Responsibility of Response: Selected Essays
By Lawrence Kramer


english facultyHUNG: A Meditation on the Measure of Black Men in America
By Scott Poulson-Bryant

english facultyVirginia Woolf: Feminism and the Reader
By Anne Fernald

english facultyWomen, Reading, and Piety in Late Medieval England
By Mary Erler


english facultyChristina Rossetti: The Patience of Style 
By Constance W. Hassett

english facultyEinarr Skúlason's Geisli: A Critical Edition
Edited by Martin Chase

english facultyUnrequited Love and Gay Latino Culture: What Have You Done to My Heart?
By Daniel Contreras


english facultyA Seahorse Year
By Stacey D'Erasmo

english facultyBlack Sheep & Kissing Cousins: How Our Family Stories Shape Us
By Elizabeth Stone

english facultyThe Cambridge Companion to Theodore Dreiser
Edited by Leonard Cassuto and Clare Virginia Eby

english facultyMatadora
By Sarah Gambito

english facultyOpera and Modern Culture: Wagner and Strauss 
By Lawrence Kramer


english facultyThe Feminist Avant-Garde in American Poetry
By Elisabeth Frost  

english facultyGendering the Master Narrative; Women and Power in the Middle Ages 
Edited by Mary C. Erler and Maryanne Kowaleski


english facultyA Boy I Once Knew: What a Teacher Learned from her Student 
By Elizabeth Stone 

english facultyMothering Daughters: Novels and the Politics of Family Romance, Frances Burney to Jane Austen 
By Susan Greenfield



english facultyBorder Crossings
By Heather Dubrow

english facultyMusical Meaning: Toward a Critical History
By Lawrence Kramer    

english facultyPublic Sentiments: Structures of Feeling in Nineteenth Century American Literature
By Glenn Hendler

english facultySaints' Lives and Women's Literary Culture, 1150-1300: Virginity and its Authorizations
By Jocelyn Wogan-Browne


english facultyThe Fiction of Geopolitics: Afterimages of Culture, from Wilkie Collins to Alfred Hitchcock
By Christopher GoGwilt


english facultyQueer Virgins and Virgin Queans on the Early Modern Stage 
By Mary Bly

english facultyTea
By Stacey D'Erasmo