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Part I Section I: Salary and Benefit Provisions for Active Faculty

A-14 Sick Leave

  1. In the case of disability of a faculty member who has completed one year of service, the University continues salary payment during the first six months for which the faculty member would have been paid if not disabled. If the disability continues for more than six calendar months and the disabled faculty member qualifies for benefits under the University Long-Term Disability Plan, benefits shall be paid in accordance with that plan. (See A-17 below)
  2. Sick leave is to be granted, during the first year of service, on an individual basis, with a maximum allowance of one calendar month of paid leave. If the disability in such case should continue beyond one month, the University will grant leave of absence without pay. In these cases, the then current rules under the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act and concerning New York State Disability payment shall be applied.
  3. Physical inability to perform work as a result of pregnancy shall be treated as illness for the purpose of granting sick leave. The current policy grants a semester with pay to a faculty member giving birth while fall or spring semester classes are in session. Determination of length of illness for pregnancy follows New York State Disability insurance guidelines.