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Part I Section I: Salary and Benefit Provisions for Active Faculty

A-17 Long-Term Disability Plan

  1. Faculty are provided with a long-term disability plan. The entire cost of the plan is borne by the University. Faculty become eligible for coverage after completion of twelve months of service.
  2. The plan provides benefits (60% of last contract salary) which begin after six consecutive months of total disability and may continue during total disability as follows:
    1. If disabled before age 60, total disability payments cease at age 65, when provisions of the retirement annuity are implemented, if applicable.
    2. If disabled after age 60 through 68, total disability payments continue until the earlier of (a) five years or (b) age 70.
    3. If disabled at age 69 or older, benefits are for twelve months.
  3. The plan provides for contributions to be made to the Retirement Plan.
  4. For a detailed description of the plan provisions, see the summary plan description in the Office of Human Resources.