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Part I Section I: Salary and Benefit Provisions for Active Faculty

A-18 Benefits While on Leave

  1. All benefits are continued for faculty on faculty fellowships and paid leave except that retirement contributions are continued at the applicable percentage of the salary actually received.
  2. All benefits are continued for faculty members on family related LOAs [as provided in §4-05.10(c) and in the Family and Medical Leave Act], and for tenured faculty members who receive approval from the Office of the Provost for an unpaid leave of absence, when that leave is taken for faculty development purposes. (See §4-05.10(b))
  3. Faculty members [other than paragraph (b) above] while on a University approved leave of absence without pay, and within the restrictions of the applicable insurance contracts with their parties, may maintain coverage on the University life insurance, long-term disability, and medical plans. Faculty members should consult the Office of Human Resources regarding continuance.