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Part I Section I: Salary and Benefit Provisions for Active Faculty

A-7 Medical Plan Options

  1. The University provides several health insurance plans to faculty, spouses or qualified legally domiciled adults (LDAs) as defined in A-20, and dependents. The plans are the Choice Plus Enhanced, the Choice Plus Standard, the Choice EPO, and the Choice Plus Health Savings Account (HSA) plans offered by UnitedHealthcare.
  2. In calendar year 2015, the University will pay 90% of the cost of the premium for the health insurance options listed in (a) for active faculty members and their dependents (if applicable).
  3. In subsequent calendar years, the following schedule of cost-sharing will be applied: in calendar year 2016, 88.75%; in calendar year 2017, 87.5%; in calendar year 2018; 86.25%; in calendar year 2019 and thereafter, 85%.
  4. However, the increase in cost-sharing from calendar year to calendar year will be suspended if in any year the across-the-board salary increase is below 0.6% more than the rate of inflation measured by the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers, not seasonally adjusted, for New York - Northern New Jersey - Long Island, NY-NJ-CT-PA, all items (series Id: CWURA101SA0) for the twelve-month period from January to December preceding the January 1 implementation of the following year’s cost-sharing increase. The suspension described in this paragraph may take place a maximum of two times through calendar year 2021.
  5. Until the share of cost sharing paid by the University reaches 85%, the salary pool established for the officers of the University shall not exceed the total salary pool provided to the faculty, on a percentage basis, in any given year. (It is understood, however, that during this period there may be rare and compelling cases in which the University may have to offer a salary increase in excess of the standard, pool-related increase in order to retain the services of a particularly talented administrator--as is the case with exceptional faculty members that the University wishes to retain.). In addition, as is the practice with faculty members, the President and the Board of Trustees reserve the prerogative to recommend one-time non-base-pay bonuses for an officer who has rendered the University truly extraordinary service.
  6. The University shall provide the dental and vision insurance plans that are currently provided by CIGNA and Vision Service Plan (VSP), respectively thereof. The Dental Plan will offer two options for a dental PPO and a dental HMO The Vision Plan will also offer a Base and Premier option. The faculty member's share of premiums for dental insurance will be set at 50%. The faculty member's share of premiums for vision insurance will be set at 100%. Dental and Vision plan benefits shall also be offered to qualified LDAs under the same terms and conditions that are applicable under the University Medical Plan.
  7. Subject to the schedule of cost sharing in paragraph (c) above, the Administration will inform faculty on an annual basis of any premium increase charged by the insurance carrier and the dollar value of their share of the increase.
  8. The re-entry of spouses or LDAs into the University medical plan can take place during the open enrollment period. However, exceptions are allowed if the employee/dependent(s) enroll for or change coverage within 30 days of the following:
    1. Change in legal marital status due to marriage, death of a spouse, divorce, annulment or legal separation;
    2. Change in an employee’s living situation such that the employee’s LDA meets the qualifying conditions outlined in A-20 below;
    3. Change in number of dependents due to birth, adoption, placement for adoption, or death of a participant;
    4. Change in employment status of employee, spouse or LDA, or dependent due to termination or start of employment, strike, lockout, beginning or end of unpaid leave of absence, including FMLA or change in the worksite;
    5. Changes in employment status of employee, spouse or LDA, or dependent resulting in eligibility or ineligibility for coverage;
    6. Change in residence of employee, spouse or LDA, or dependent; and the change requested is consistent with the change in status; and
    7. Changes which cause a dependent to become eligible or ineligible for coverage.
    Any changes in coverage must pertain directly to the change in status.
  9. The University assumes the cost of continuation of dependent, and LDA or spouse medical coverage upon death of full-time faculty who have completed 15 years of service, subject to cost sharing outlined in (b) above.
  10. The University will administer benefits to LDAs in conformance with all relevant tax-related requirements. This treatment includes, but is not limited to, imputation of income for all non-tax-qualified LDAs less the amount of after-tax contributions as prescribed by the Internal Revenue Code. In addition, contributions for non-tax-qualified LDAs will be made on an after-tax basis to the extent contributions for LDA coverage are required.
  11. For active faculty, there is no lifetime maximum benefit for covered charges.
  12. A summary sheet on each health option is available from the Office of Human Resources. All faculty are urged to review the full plan descriptions for plan details.
  13. Details concerning when termination of eligibility occurs are available from the Office of Human Resources.