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Part I Section I: Salary and Benefit Provisions for Active Faculty

A-8 Tuition Remission Benefits

  1. Tuition Remission for a Faculty Member
    Faculty are eligible to enroll in courses offered by Fordham University for which tuition remission applies. Enrollment by faculty is subject to the approval of the Dean of the School in which the faculty appointment is held and the Provost. Tuition remission is available for up to 24 credits per year; 10 credits per semester in the fall and spring, and 4 credits in the summer.
  2. Tuition Remission for a Faculty Member's Spouse or LDA
    Upon hire, spouses or LDAs of faculty are eligible to receive 100% tuition remission for undergraduate, graduate or Professional Schools (except the Law School and Executive MBA programs- see (c)4 below).
  3. Tuition Remission for a Faculty Member's Dependent Children
    1. Dependent children are eligible for tuition remission if they are age 25 or under for undergraduate tuition, age 30 or under for graduate tuition or if they are claimed as a dependent on the most recent Federal Income Tax Return.
    2. Dependent children are eligible to receive 100% tuition remission for undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools, upon hire (except the Law School and Executive MBA programs- see (c)4 below).
    3. Dependent children of full-time faculty are eligible for one-half tuition remission at the Fordham Preparatory School.
    4. Dependent children and LDAs or spouses of faculty who have fifteen years of full-time employment at the University are eligible for tuition remission in the Law School and the Executive MBA programs. After 5 years of service 50% of tuition remission for these programs is available.
    5. In the event that a faculty member with at least ten years of full-time employment at the University dies or retires at age 62 or older, the dependent children, and LDA or spouse of the deceased or retired faculty member shall be entitled to the same benefits to which they would have been entitled had the faculty member continued on a full-time basis.
    6. Use of the tuition remission benefit by a faculty member, spouse or LDA, and dependent is contingent upon the individual involved meeting the academic standards of the program in which the individual seeks admission.
    7. The tuition remission benefit includes tuition for courses, mentoring, tutorials, and doctoral fees, life experience credit and credit-by-examination fees. The tuition remission benefit does not include course laboratory fees, student activity fees, or fees for which the University would incur an additional expense.
    8. Recipients of tuition remission are expected to apply for New York State Tuition Assistance Plan grants and any other similar awards for which they are eligible. The actual tuition remission granted shall be the amount for which the applicant is eligible less the amount received from New York State TAP or other external grants.
    9. Application forms for tuition remission for self, spouse or LDA, and dependents are available from Human Resources, Benefits Supervisor, 506 Faculty Memorial Hall, Rose Hill Campus.
    10. A one half-tuition remission benefit is extended to brothers, sisters, nieces or nephews of faculty who are members of the Society of Jesus. This benefit is subject to the same conditions as the benefits accorded to dependent children of other full-time faculty.
    11. Tuition remission at other colleges and universities for dependent children of faculty:
      1. The University participates in a tuition remission exchange program called FACHEX with other Jesuit colleges and universities. This program provides faculty with the opportunity to apply for tuition remission for dependent children if they have been accepted at a participating institution as a full-time undergraduate. Room, board, and miscellaneous fees are not covered under this program. This benefit may be used for up to four years per child.

        All full-time faculty qualify for this benefit. Dependent children must be accepted within the quota identified by the institution to which the application is made. Please note that each of the schools participating in the FACHEX program generally receive many more applications for tuition remission under this program than they are able to accept. Therefore, even if dependent children meet all of the qualifications, it is possible that tuition remission may not be awarded under this program. Please contact the FACHEX Coordinator in the enrollment services department for more information on this benefit.
        Note: FACHEX is not offered to retired faculty.
      2. Fordham full-time Faculty’s dependent children are able to apply for a tuition scholarship at another university or college that participates in the Tuition Exchange Program. Currently, there are over 500 colleges and universities throughout the United States that participate in this program. There are stringent requirements relating to this program and only a limited number of dependent children of full-time faculty can be accommodated each year. As such, it is possible that Fordham University may receive a greater number of Tuition Exchange applications in a given year than can be accommodated. During such years, an appropriate number of applications will be selected for processing through the use of a lottery or some other random selection process. Faculty are encouraged to contact the Benefits Administrator in the Human Resources Department for complete details.
        Procedures to apply to any of the Member Institutions under the Tuition Exchange Program are as follows:
        • Obtain and complete the Tuition Exchange Certification form from the Human Resources Liaison Officer at Fordham University. There is a $25.00 processing fee for each school to which an application is submitted. Applications are limited to no more than five. Certification forms are accepted between September 15th and November 1st for the upcoming academic year. There is a $35.00 fee when a decision of acceptance is rendered.
        • Contact the member institution(s) to obtain the Application(s) for Admission. The applicant must meet the regular admission requirements at the member institution(s) before being considered for the Tuition Exchange scholarship. Tuition Exchange scholarships are competitive and not guaranteed. Tuition Exchange scholarship awards are normally rendered in March. This benefit may be used for up to four years.
        • A faculty member whose child is offered a Tuition Exchange scholarship should notify the Fordham Human Resources Liaison Officer as soon as possible regarding the decision to either accept or decline.
        Note: Tuition Exchange is not offered to retired faculty.