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Part I Section II: Benefits Provisions for Retired University Faculty

R-7 Retired Faculty Counselor

There will be a Counselor for Retired Faculty appointed by and reporting to the Provost. The current Counselor is Dr. David Stuhr. The duties of the Counselor for Retired Faculty include:

  1. In her/his capacity as a liaison between the retired faculty and the University, as well as an ombudsman for retired faculty, the Counselor will periodically consult with retired faculty regarding provisions, benefits, and procedures for retired faculty and their families, making recommendations to the Academic Vice President and the Faculty Senate for changes in benefits and procedures;
  2. Facilitating communication and cooperation between the retired faculty, the Office of the Provost, the Faculty Senate and the Human Resources [Benefits] Office;
  3. Advising and assisting faculty, retirees and their families with regard to retirement benefits and procedures;
  4. Preparing and maintaining files on retiree benefits and publishing a Faculty Retiree Handbook, which indicates current benefits and procedures.