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At Fordham Law, "In the Service of Others‚" is more than a motto.

It is the guiding principle in preparing our lawyers for life. It is evident in the work of our clinics, our centers and institutes, and our Public Interest Resource Center. And it has been recognized by no less than the American Bar Association, which honored Fordham with a 2008 Pro Bono Publico Award, making us only the second law school to win the award.

Our students engage in public service work on a level that is virtually without parallel in American legal education. Each of our graduating classes contribute, on average, 100,000 hours of pro bono service during their time in law school. In fact, the Class of 2014 logged 152,097 service hours.

Fordham Law School students are involved in a broad range of legal advocacy, assistance, and education efforts in New York City. These opportunities enable them to gain hands-on experience performing lawyering functions. The experiences also introduce them to the kind of problem-solving settings they will encounter throughout their professional careers. Annually, more than 200 students handle about 200 pro bono cases and mediations through our 15 legal clinics. And each year, nearly 300 Fordham Law students provide a range of legal services at more than 100 nonprofit, governmental, and non-governmental organizations, as well as in state and federal courts.

Our centers and institutes secure public interest fellowships for our students around the country and around the globe. And our Fordham Student Sponsored Fellowship is one of many programs that helps fund public interest jobs for students after graduation.