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Ethics has been part of the cultural fabric of Fordham Law since our founding in 1905.

As early as 1909, Fordham was praised for its "untiring efforts in upholding and advancing the standards of the profession." Today, we not only offer courses devoted specifically to ethics, but also require an ethics component in every course.

From their first week on campus, Fordham Law students engage in meaningful discussions on ethical questions. The goal: Prepare students to make tough decisions not simply by following the rules or going through a checklist, but by imparting a deep commitment and instinct to do what is right.

Our centers and institutes expand our commitment to ethics.

  • The Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics works to make ethics and public service integral to the study and practice of law. One of its hallmark initiatives, the Stein Scholars Program, has trained some of our country's very best public service lawyers.
  • The Feerick Center for Social Justice combines the insights of a think tank, the balance of a mediation center and the educational mission of Fordham Law to frame concrete and achievable solutions to the endemic problems plaguing the urban poor.
  • The Institute on Religion, Law and Lawyer's Work integrates values, religious perspectives, and substantive critiques to issues that arise not just at the margins, but at the heart of ordinary day-to-day legal practice.