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MS Taxation Program Overview

Technical expertise is indispensable in taxation.
But for Gabelli School graduates, it’s only the beginning.

Tax laws change, budgets rise and fall, corporate strategies adjust. Taxation professionals need a finely honed set of technical skills to stay on top of this ever-changing field. But if you ask Gabelli School graduates for the secret of their success, they’ll tell you it’s about much more than mastery of the latest tax code.

The way to stand out—and move up—in this competitive field is to cultivate superior communication skills, creative problem-solving techniques, solid business instincts, and a clear-eyed view of moral and social responsibility.

An emphasis on soft skills translates into a competitive advantage. The Gabelli School’s MS in Taxation offers much more than technical training, providing the interpersonal and business skills that help our graduates become leaders in their field. 

Taught by working professionals in the taxation field, the MS in Taxation (MST) curriculum emphasizes up-to-the-minute tax law and trends, giving students experience solving real-world challenges. The 10-course, 30-credit program is comprised of seven required taxation courses and three tax/accounting electives. You can also focus your studies in areas such as corporate tax, international tax, small business tax, estate tax, or gift tax, by selecting electives relevant to your interests.

For Gabelli School students, the MST may supplement an undergraduate degree in public accounting to meet the 150-credit-hour educational requirement for the New York State CPA examination.

Interested applicants may reach out to Brian Dunn at