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Our key goal at GSAS Futures is to put together workshops, events, and panels that will help graduate students maximize their academic and professional potential.

This semester, GSAS is hosting a number of events with various co-sponsors. In addition, the list below features professional development events being held by other university-wide offices that are relevant to our student's needs.

Details of future events are updated as needed.

Fall 2017 Event Details


Converting Classroom to Cubicle and Beyond: The MLA on Compatible Careers in the Liberal Arts
Friday, November 10, 1 – 2:30 p.m.
Rose Hill | O’Hare Special Collections Room, Walsh Library

Join GSAS Futures for a luncheon featuring a discussion on compatible career options for graduate students across the liberal arts. The event will feature three panelists who will comment on career opportunities they have pursued alongside of their graduate education. They will discuss how their advanced training in academic disciplines – including modern language and literature – has built a skill base suitable for a range of professional occupations. Panelists will also comment on their experience with a fellowship opportunity available with the Modern Language Association, a proseminar on compatible career options for Ph.D. students organized by Connected Academics.

Panelists include Stacy Hartman, Project Coordinator for Connected Academics, Samantha Sabalis, a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of English and current Connected Academics fellow, and Cathal Pratt, a graduate student in the Department of English and previous Connected Academics fellow. The event will include content useful for students pursuing both master’s and doctoral degrees in a wide variety of disciplines.

RSVP’s are highly encouraged to reserve lunch for participants. To RSVP, please contact