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Securities Regulation Drafting

This course introduces students to legal drafting in the securities regulation field.  It provides students with a detailed understanding of the various types of securities documents that the securities practitioner is commonly asked to draft or analyze.  While the course covers a broad range of documents and filings, students will spend a substantial portion of the semester drafting a Registration Statement on Form S-1 for a hypothetical corporate client engaged in an initial public offering (“IPO”) of its common stock.  Each week students will analyze, research and draft various sections of Form S-1 based on a continuing stream of information provided by the client about the company and the IPO.  During the drafting process, students will meet with the professor in individual conferences.  By semester’s end, students produce a complete Registration Statement on Form S-1 and attain a detailed understanding of the securities drafting process.  Pre or Co-Requisites:  Securities Regulation and Corporations.  3 credits.