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Sophomore Advising: Advising Requirements

Each Gabelli School sophomore will be expected to complete certain required and optional events throughout the year. These events will ensure that you have exposure to our extraordinary on-campus opportunities for exploration and discovery. In addition, each sophomore will be registered automatically into a zero-credit, pass/fail* Sophomore Advising Program course. This course will be made up of THREE requirements and unlimited optional opportunities. The requirements are:


  • Attend ONE advising session (September)
  • Attend the KPMG presentation (October)
  • Attend ONE advising session (November)
  • Attend the Spring Pre-Registration Advising Session


  • Attend the UBS presentation (February)
  • Attend the "Choose your Major Fair" (March)
  • Attend the Media and Communications Presentation (April)
  • Attend the Fall Pre-Registration Advising Session

*Please note that failing and/or incomplete grades in non-credit courses affect eligibility for Dean's List and other academic honors.