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Sophomore Advising: Using Your Electives

Based on your chosen major or primary concentration, you will have a certain amount of liberal arts and business electives to fulfill. If you choose those electives wisely, in a way in which they aggregate into a critical mass, you may be able to earn an additional credential for your degree — for example, in the form of a secondary concentration or minor.


  • Business electives are satisfied by any business course offered by Gabelli. As long as you’ve satisfied any prerequisites, you can take just about any business course, whether it's in accounting, finance, management, business communications or another discipline.
  • Liberal-arts electives are satisfied by any class taught by Fordham College (FCRH). Students may take electives in the evenings, but weekend courses do not qualify. Therefore, as long as you've met any prerequisites, you can take just about any liberal arts class, whether it's in anthropology, economics, English, Italian, math, painting, a field of science, and so on.
  • Free electives are satisfied by any business or liberal arts elective.


Most minors consist of six to seven courses in one particular discipline. Because the core is so extensive, you may be well on your way to a minor without knowing it. (For example, the liberal arts and Gabelli cores get you halfway toward a minor in philosophy and in economics.) You are eligible to pursue a minor in either a business or liberal arts subject. For more information about minors within Fordham College, visit the Fordham College at Rose Hill web site.

Business minors

The business school offers four minors for Gabelli students:

  • Business Law
  • Sustainable Business

Liberal-arts minors

Gabelli School students are allowed to pursue any minor offered by Fordham College. A liberal-arts minor, when paired with a business degree, demonstrates intellectual curiosity and critical-thinking ability, which are desirable traits to employers. Below is a sample of the most popular minors among Gabelli School students. For a comprehensive list, please visit the FCRH minor web pages.

  • Economics
  • Philosophy
  • History
  • Theology
  • Art History
  • English
  • Environmental Policy
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology