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AP/IB and College Transfer Credits


Fordham awards transfer credit for scores on certain AP and IB exams, as well as for college courses taken in high school that meet our prescribed criteria.

AP Exams

Credit awarded for AP exams varies depending on the exam taken and the score earned. FCRH only accepts scores of 4 or higher for either Core or non-major elective credit. Core credits fulfill specific Core Curriculum requirements. Non-major elective credits count both as courses and credits towards your degree, but do not fulfill any major, minor, or pre-professional requirements. The Dean's Office maintains a list of the kind of credit Fordham awards for AP scores.

To send AP scores, visit the College Board's website. Be sure to send all scores to Fordham, not just the most recent ones, as we may not have a record of all scores earned. Our CEEB code is 2259.

IB Exams

FCRH only awards transfer credits for IB scores of 5 or higher. Only higher level (HL) exams are accepted, not subsidiary level (SL) exams. Scores of 5, regardless of exam, earn non-major elective credit. Scores of 6 or 7 earn either non-major elective credit or Core credit, depending on the exam.

The Dean's Office maintains a list of the credits Fordham awards for IB HL exams. For IB transcript ordering, contact the International Baccalaureate Organization.

Has Fordham Received My Test Scores?

You need to make sure that your exam scores have been sent to Fordham. When your scores are received and the appropriate credits posted, you will receive an e-mail from the Office of Academic Records confirming the specific scores received and credits posted. If you are unsure whether your scores have been sent, please check your unofficial transcript (see instructions below).

If your scores have not been sent, you need to contact the appropriate testing organization and request that the score reports/transcripts be sent directly to Fordham University. The Office of Academic Records will notify you by e-mail once the AP/IB exam scores have been received, and the appropriate credit posted.

To verify whether AP/IB credit has been awarded, go to> Student tab> My Information> Banner Self-Service> Student> Student Records> Academic Transcript> Grad/Undergrad Transcript> Submit.

Credit for AP/IB exams and college courses taken while in high school (once approved by the Dean's Office), will appear under the heading, "Transfer Credit Accepted by Institution."

College Courses Taken While In High School

Credit is awarded for college courses taken while in high school only if all the following requirements have been met:

  1. The course was taken on a college campus.
  2. The grade earned in the course was a "C" or higher.
  3. There were college students enrolled in the course.
  4. A college professor, not a high school teacher, taught the course.
  5. High school credit was not awarded for completion of the course.
  6. Upon Dean Parmach's (Freshman Dean) evaluation, the course is similar in content to a FCRH course.
  7. The course was at least 3 credits and would be credited toward a degree at that institution.

Note: the maximum number of transferable credits is sixty (60).

The following documentation is needed to meet these requirements:

  1. A letter or email from a college official (dean, registrar, advisor, etc.) to Dean Parmach confirming that the above requirements have been met.
  2. If needed, a letter from a high school official (principal, guidance counselor, etc.) confirming the fifth requirement.
  3. A copy of the syllabus/course bulletin description for each course.
  4. If not already received, an official transcript sent directly to Dean Parmach. If you are unsure as to whether Fordham has received the official college transcript, email Maureen Kerwin, Assistant to the Freshman Dean, ([email protected]) to inquire.

Dean Parmach's mailing and email addresses are:

Robert J. Parmach, PhD
Freshman Dean
441 East Fordham Road
Keating Hall 302
Bronx, NY 10458
[email protected]