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Pediatric Emotion Regulation Lab

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Welcome to PERL at Fordham University! Our state-of-the-art lab conducts research examining the many factors associated with emotional dysregulation in children and adolescents. We are primarily interested in studying the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying children’s heightened emotional responses and difficulties with regulating their negative emotions. Such negative emotions may include anger, frustration, anxiety, or sadness. We are currently conducting a study of adolescents who exhibited significant emotional and behavioral dysregulation when they were younger (between ages 5 and 9 years). A second ongoing study being conducted in collaboration with Drs. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary of Hunter College and Carrie Masia-Warner of Montclair State University, that examines how anxiety impacts attention in adolescents (ages 12- 14). We are currently recruiting participants for this project. In addition to these funded projects, our study team is also busy with smaller investigations examining parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic and components of temper tantrums in children.

PERL is directed by Dr. Amy K. Roy, Professor of Psychology at Fordham University and Adjunct Associate Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine